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1 Set Aire Filter Replacement

1 Set Aire Filter Replacement

Smart Room Purifier

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1 Set Aire Filter Replacement

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Brand Steriluxe™ Aire Smart Room Purifier

Frequently Asked Question

How does the air purifier work?

The air purifier can be operated by plugging it into a power source and pressing the Power ON/OFF button on the panel.

The machine is able to remove 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens, smoke, dust, PM2.5, viruses, pet fur, foul odor, bacteria, and formaldehyde.

What are the benefits of the UV/Anion function?

The UV function in the air purifier kills or inactivates airborne bacteria, mold, viruses, and pathogens by destroying their DNA/RNA using UV-C technology.

The anion function releases healthy ions to bind with airborne viruses, dust particles, free radicals, and pollen for easy cleanup.

How does the UV function work?

The UV technology is housed within the air purifier, so the unpurified air will pass through the UV before being released as purified air.

What is the external casing made of?

The external casing of the machine is made of ABS, which is a material that is strong and resistant to physical impacts.

What are the light ring colors indicating?

The colors of the light ring indicate the air quality.

Blue represents good air quality, yellow represents average air quality, and red represents poor air quality.

How do I know when to replace the filter?

The color ring will keep flashing red when the filter needs to be replaced.

How do I change the air flow strength of my Steriluxe™ Aire Smart Room Purifier?

You can adjust the air flow speed in two ways: through the app or manually. The instructions for downloading and setting up the app are included in the manual that comes with your Steriluxe™ Aire.

Alternatively, you can adjust the fan speed manually by pressing the fan icon on the control panel. The fan icon provides three options: high, low, and auto. Please note that selecting a higher fan speed will result in more noise, as the purifier is processing more air into the unit.

What distinguishes the UV and Ion features in Steriluxe™ Aire Smart Room Purifier?

The Steriluxe™ Aire Smart Room Purifier has both UV and Anion functions, making it a versatile choice for air purification.

The Anion function releases healthy ions to effectively remove unpleasant odors, while the UV function uses UV-C technology to inactivate and remove bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Whether you prioritize removing unpleasant odors or bacteria and viruses, Steriluxe™ Aire has got you covered.

How long will the filter last if it is never opened from its original packaging?

The filter will last for 3 years from the date of manufacture if it is never opened from its original packaging.

How long will the filter last once it is placed in the machine?

Assuming the air purifier is switched on for 6-8 hours a day, the filter is expected to last for 9-12 months. However, the filter replacement duration also depends on the environment where the air purifier is placed.

It is recommended to check the filter periodically to ensure that the air purifier is working at its best condition. The filter is expected to last for 2,200 hours of use.

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