Steriluxe™ Aurra Pro 2 Features

Customizable Water Temperature

Elevate Your Hydration Experience with Customizable Water Temperatures by Aurra Pro 2 - Say goodbye to the restriction of fixed water temperature options. Experience the ultimate in personalization - Set the perfect temperature for you, between 45-85°C (in 5°C increments) to match your every need. Ideal for any moment - Whether you require 45°C water for baby formula or 75°C water for your favorite tea, Aurra Pro 2's Customizable Water Temperature feature caters to all. Enhance your hydration experience with Aurra Pro 2's Customizable Water Temperature.

Earn Rewards While Elevating Your Hydration Experience

Elevate Your Hydration with the Snaptec Connect App - Take control of your water consumption with customizable goals. Reap the rewards of hydration - Earn points for meeting your goals and redeem them for exciting vouchers and discounts from food and retail establishments. Stay organized - Stay up-to-date on maintenance schedules and receive important updates all in one user-friendly app. Enhance your hydration journey with the Snaptec Connect App.

Personalized and Synced Hydration Tracking

Elevate Your Hydration Journey with Aurra Pro - Personalize your tracking experience with Aurra Pro's individual profile feature. Say goodbye to the frustration of manual tracking and say hello to effortless hydration monitoring. Each member of your family can have their own profile, making it easy to monitor their daily water intake. Stay on track, wherever you go - sync your hydration habits at home or work and make the most of your journey to a healthier you with Aurra Pro.

Customizable Mood Lightning

With Aurra Pro 2, you can customize the lighting based on your mood and style.

Elevate your space with the front and bottom lightbars, and the mechanical button's dynamic color changes based on water temperature and dispensing mode.

You can create the perfect ambiance by choosing from 9 vibrant CMYK colors:

Fiery Red, Perky Pink, Blue Bliss, Mellow Yellow, Funky Orange, Lush Green, Power Purple, Snaptec Default, and Ivory White.

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