Top 7 Best Window Tinting in Singapore 2024

Top 7 Best Window Tinting in Singapore 2024

Step into a realm where the perfect blend of style and functionality awaits – the domain of window tinting in Singapore! Whether you aim to elevate your vehicle's visual appeal, shield your home from intense sunlight, or introduce an element of seclusion to your office environment, window tinting presents a multitude of advantages. Within this blog, we will intricately navigate through the captivating world of window tinting services accessible in Singapore. Come along as we unravel the diverse options, benefits, and key factors that render window tinting a favored option for enriching the aesthetics and comfort of spaces throughout the island.

Key Consideration Factors

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Best Window Tinting in Singapore

Zenith Films

best window tinting in singapore

Unleashing the rockstar potential of windows becomes achievable with Zenith Window Films. The American-made chameleons offered by Zenith are not merely cool; they embody trust-worthy quality. Individuals seeking dazzling mirror effects for a home gym or sleek privacy for a bathroom window need look no further. Zenith provides a solution for every need, including security film that transforms a home into a fortress. With unbeatable warranties and affordable prices, Zenith ensures that customers feel secure and satisfied.

Zenith's window tinting in Singapore goes beyond mere protection; it introduces a touch of sophistication. Their solar films function as superheroes for car windows, blocking out harsh glare and heat. The Night Vision series, with its magic-like properties, enables crystal-clear night vision while cruising. Concerned about harmful UV rays? Zenith offers films that effectively banish these concerns.

For those unwilling to settle for mundane windows, the Zenith transformation awaits. Embrace it today!

Company details

  • Address: 22 Sin Ming Lane Singapore, Singapore
  • Contact: 65 6681 5600
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00am – 8:00pm

What we like about it

  • One-stop solutions for various window needs.
  • Diverse selection of solar films, including night vision series.
  • High-grade materials ensure sun damage protection.


I’m glad that i managed to come across a splendid company, and that’s Zenith. Their windows’ quality is top tier as it provides both privacy and and comfort. Their professionalism and commitment really sets themselves apart from their competitors. Installation was quick and efficient. I strongly recommend Zenith to those looking for these services! -Jarryl (Google review)



Transforming one's car into a cool oasis is made possible with Infratint's advanced window films. For over a decade, Infratint has been dedicated to crafting ceramic shields that effectively block an impressive 99% of UV rays and heat. The result is an environment where frosty air conditioning prevails even on scorching days, sparing occupants from scorched seats and allowing sunrays to gently caress the skin without the discomfort of burns.

Infratint's commitment extends beyond mere comfort; it encompasses safety as well. The window films enable drivers to cruise confidently at night, providing crystal-clear vision that unveils every road detail and eliminates headlight glare. Remarkably tough, these shields are virtually bulletproof, serving as a robust defense for the car's interior and acting as a deterrent against unwanted attention.

Choosing Infratint means opting for more than just a stylish and comfortable ride; it's about securing a driving experience that combines the ultimate coolness with unparalleled safety. Don't settle for a sizzling and vulnerable journey – make the upgrade to Infratint for a driving experience that is both cool and secure.

Company details

  • Address: 32 Old Toh Tuck Rd, #01-10 Ibiz Centre, Singapore 597658
  • Contact: 65 9456-0888
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

What we like about it

  • Premium car solar film
  • Comfortable in-car conditions
  • Reliable and effective heat protection


Great workmanship and service!! Fast and good! Reasonably priced. The new film feels so much better in quality than what I had used. The boss and staff there are also very friendly and nice! Highly recommended! -John (Google review)


SuperCool Window Films

Experience a revolution in window films with SuperCool as it utilizes the latest technologies to craft invisible films that provide seamless style and superior protection. The product promises mirror-like reflections, vibrant color depth, and enduring clarity, all while delivering energy-saving benefits.

Company details

  • Address: 7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, #05-34 Northstar @ AMK, Singapore 569880
  • Contact: 65 6570 1813
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00am – 10:00pm

What we like about it

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Consistent color and results
  • Reliable adhesion


Max is patient with his clients and had briefed me well on the process of installing the film. Went the extra mile to come personally to fix as well as come for a second site visit to check and briefed me and my client. Polite and friendly. Will definitely recommend your service to others. Great coordination and work delivered as promise. Thank you Max and team! -Lynn (Google review)

Rikecool Automotive Film Pte Ltd

best window tinting service

Meet the local window film heroes who can transform your car into a head-turning haven: Rikecool! For over 15 years, Rikecool has been bringing the magic of Japanese technology to customers' windows in Singapore. The window tinting service offers films that can achieve gleaming metallic finishes or vibrant shades, turning heads as you cruise in a cool, glare-free oasis. Rikecool even provides films that work their magic on your car's paint and headlights, shielding them from everyday wear and tear.

No matter the style or type of car, Rikecool has something for everyone. Customers can choose from a dazzling array of designs, ranging from sporty stripes to elegant patterns, allowing their rides to express unique personalities. Worries about a bumpy ride are unnecessary – Rikecool's expert installers ensure a flawless fit, guaranteeing that your car shines as bright as their films.

Company details

  • Address: 50 Ubi Ave 3 #03-02, Frontier Epark Ubi, Singapore 408866
  • Contact: 65 6297 2422
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Monday to Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm Saturday 10:00am – 2:00pm

What we like about it

  • Enhances comfort, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and safety.
  • Wide selection of films tailored to drivers’ needs.
  • Offers paint protection and headlight films.


The folks at Rikecool are really friendly and professional. They take every job seriously and do their best to make sure everything goes smoothly, and the PPF installation is nice, neat and of high quality. As they say, PPF is all about the installer (after choosing a good film) and Rikecool is a great installer to trust your car with. -Eugene (Google review)

Solar Gard Singapore Pte Ltd

Bid farewell to scorching summers and nosy neighbors as individuals embrace Solar Gard window films! Supported by the expertise of Saint-Gobain, these window dressings stand out from the ordinary. One can envision enjoying sunlit rooms without the discomfort of blinding glare, courtesy of the advanced heat rejection technology embedded in these films. The vibrant, color-stable films work magic on windows, transforming them into captivating architectural elements that exude enduring brilliance and unmatched clarity.

Beyond aesthetics, Solar Gard films are engineered for longevity. They act as a protective shield, blocking harmful UV rays to safeguard your family and preventing furniture from succumbing to fading. Additionally, these films contribute to enhanced energy efficiency. The amiable Solar Gard team is always at the ready to assist, ensuring a seamless experience from the beginning to the end for customers.

Company details

  • Address: 11 Fourth Lok Yang Road, Singapore 629708
  • Contact: 65 9386 6017
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Monday to Saturday 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM

What we like about it

  • Skilled customer service team
  • Enhanced window appearance
  • Backed by a reputable brand


Customer service is undeniably the best. Appreciate Leo and his team for their great service and patience in explaining all the different products. Nice waiting area to relax while waiting for your car. -Waihoe (Google review)

Miredo Asia Private Limited

Transforming windows into energy-saving havens becomes a reality with Miredo Asia's cutting-edge window tinting in Singapore. The innovative films, trusted by renowned names like JR Japan and Bvlgari Orchard, are crafted with Sumitomo's patented technology, making them accessible to everyone in Singapore. Individuals can now envision enjoying sun-drenched rooms without enduring the scorching heat, thanks to the superior heat rejection technology incorporated in these films. The benefits extend beyond mere comfort, as users can save on energy bills while experiencing enhanced privacy and glare reduction.

Miredo Asia's films transcend mere functionality – they represent investments in comfort, security, and style. Whether one is a homeowner, business owner, or simply seeking to elevate their living space, these one-of-a-kind films cater to a diverse range of needs.

Company details

  • Address: 1 Irving Place #08-01, The Commerze @ Irving, Singapore 369546
  • Contact: 65 3138 9012
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: By appointments only

What we like about it

  • Collaborates with Sumitomo Japan for premium quality.
  • High-performance materials for exceptional results.
  • Enhances aesthetics and energy efficiency.


The team was very responsive and provided a great service. Now my house feels so much cooler without the need of turning on the aircon 24/7! Thanks so much. -Jennifer (Google review)


Experience the legacy of window tinting in Singapore with Hyper21, the pioneers of window film since 1991! Hyper21 is not just a window tinting company – they are master architects of light and comfort, trusted by landmarks, homes, and cars throughout the region. Individuals can imagine transforming their spaces with sun-drenched coolness, thanks to Hyper21's cutting-edge heat rejection films, or enjoying peace of mind with their rock-solid security solutions.

From award-winning energy-efficient buildings to custom car masterpieces, Hyper21's legacy speaks for itself. Clients can let Hyper21's unmatched expertise bring their vision to life, whether it's a cozy haven, a vibrant storefront, or anything in between.

People are encouraged not to settle for ordinary windows. They can discover the Hyper21 difference today!

Company details

  • Address: 913 Bukit Timah Rd, #02-08, Singapore 589623
  • Contact: 65 6468 6692
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm

What we like about it

  • Provides reliable supply and installation services.
  • Focuses on enhancing comfort and aesthetics.
  • Long-standing presence reflects credibility.


Fantastic Service and quality workmanship! -Zhi Quan (Google review)


As we conclude our examination of window tinting in Singapore, it becomes evident that this adaptable solution transcends mere visual appeal. Beyond its aesthetic benefits, window tinting serves as a multifaceted solution, addressing issues such as glare reduction, enhanced privacy, and protection against harmful UV rays. Whether you aim to enhance your vehicle, fortify your home, or establish a comfortable office setting, the realm of window tinting in Singapore presents a diverse array of options tailored to your requirements. Immerse yourself in a realm where clarity converges with sophistication, courtesy of the transformative capabilities of window tinting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does window tinting enhance energy efficiency?

 Applying window tint can decrease the transfer of heat through windows, contributing to the preservation of a pleasant indoor temperature. Consequently, this can result in reduced energy usage by minimizing the necessity for excessive air conditioning.

Can window tinting protect against UV rays?

 Certainly! Window tinting is crafted to block a substantial portion of harmful UV rays, offering protection for your skin and preventing the fading of furniture, flooring, and other interior elements.

Is window tinting suitable for all types of windows?

 Window tinting is adaptable and can be applied to a range of window types, encompassing those found in homes, vehicles, and commercial spaces. However, it is crucial to select the appropriate tint for each distinct application.

How long does window tinting typically last?

 The durability of window tinting is contingent on factors like the quality of the tint and the installation process. Premium-grade films, when installed by professionals, can endure for approximately 10 to 20 years or even longer.

Can I install window tinting myself, or should I hire a professional?

 Although DIY kits are accessible, it is advisable to opt for professional installation for optimal results. Professional installers possess the expertise to guarantee a flawless application, preventing issues such as air bubbles or uneven tinting.

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