Top 7 Best Dance Studio in Singapore 2024

Top 7 Best Dance Studio in Singapore 2024

If you're on the lookout for the best dance classes in Singapore, you've landed in the right place. Whether you're a beginner eager to explore the joy of movement or a seasoned dancer looking to refine your skills, Singapore offers a wide range of dance classes catering to every style and proficiency level. In this blog post, we'll guide you through some of the top-notch dance classes available in Singapore, shedding light on the unique experiences each one offers on the dance floor. Get ready to discover the rhythm of Singapore's dance scene!

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Best Dance Classes Singapore

Kavanagh Dance

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Embark on your dance journey with a legacy dating back to 1972 – the remarkable tale of Kavanagh Dance™. Rooted in a love for dance and a visionary mission to inspire young minds, Kavanagh Dance™ boasts nearly five decades of expertise in the dance realm. This esteemed dance institution in Singapore has cultivated a nurturing environment where children not only learn to dance but also dream with their feet. Today, Kavanagh Dance™ stands as a leading Dance School in Singapore, offering a diverse range of dance syllabi accredited by The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing [Australia] (C.S.T.D.).

With a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, Kavanagh Dance™ caters to students of all ages, from tiny tots to adults, across various genres including Ballet, Theatrical, Modern Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary. They firmly believe that authentic dancing goes beyond mere physical movements; it entails dancing from the heart. This belief shapes their teaching approach, as they aim to impart not only technical skills but also the emotional essence of dance to their students. If you seek a dance school that fosters both skill and emotional expression, Kavanagh Dance™ offers a gateway to a holistic dance experience in Singapore.

>>Company details

Address 1999 Lor 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319258
Contact 65 8101 5270
Operating hours Thursday and Friday 3:30PM – 6PM
Saturday and Sunday 10AM – 6PM

>>What we like about it

  • 49 years of experience in the dance industry
  • Focus on nurturing very young children
  • Offers C.S.T.D. dance syllabi


The teachers there are experienced and knows what’s best for my child. Both of my daughter had been with them since the age of 3 and 4, and have been with Kavanagh Dance for more 10 years and continues to enjoy their time there. As a mother I’ve seen them grow and developed with Kavanagh Dance. Would definitely recommend kavanagh dance to other parents, been a pleasant experience. Grateful for the teachers consistent efforts in nurturing our child, their efforts surely paid off. -Wee Mee (Google Review)



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For those eager to explore the realm of social dance, ZiggyFeet emerges as the premier choice for dance classes in Singapore. Acknowledging that delving into social dance can be daunting for some, ZiggyFeet offers more than just lessons—it provides an authentic experience of the sheer joy of social dancing.

What sets ZiggyFeet apart is its distinction as the sole lifestyle dance studio in Singapore, seamlessly blending classroom instruction with the lively ambiance of social dancing, all under one roof. With a meticulously crafted syllabus, ZiggyFeet ensures you can cultivate the confidence necessary to dance with anyone and everyone.

The instructors at ZiggyFeet are more than just educators; they are passionate individuals who revel in sharing the enchantment of partner dancing. Enrolling in classes at ZiggyFeet means becoming part of an incredible community of amiable and supportive dancers. Prepare to step out and immerse yourself in the exhilaration of social dancing at ZiggyFeet!

>>Company details

Address 6 Raffles Boulevard, #B1-01/02/03, Singapore, Singapore 039594
Contact 65 8181 9785
Operating hours Weekdays 6 -10 PM
Weekends 2 – 10 PM

>>What we like about it

  • Well-paced syllabus
  • Confidence-building approach
  • Passionate instructors


Came here for 50/50 bachata salsa socials once and fell in love with the community!! Although it was my first time at socials (no past experience learning bachata/salsa), everyone whom I danced with were very patient and willing to teach as much as they could within a dance. -Jerm (Google review)


BarreWorks Dance Studio

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At BarreWorks Dance Studio, the passion for dance knows no age limits. This studio is dedicated to offering a diverse range of dance classes suitable for individuals of all ages, with a special focus on Classical Ballet. However, their commitment to inclusivity shines through in the wide variety of styles available, catering to diverse interests and skill levels.

As a registered dance studio in Singapore affiliated with the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance, BarreWorks Dance Studio goes beyond teaching mere steps and movements. Their primary objective is to impart to students the depth and artistry of dance. By exposing students to the rich history and cultural significance of various dance forms, they aim to cultivate a profound appreciation for the art.

BarreWorks Dance Studio isn't just about learning dance steps; it's about embarking on a journey of dance with you, offering guidance and support every step of the way. Above all, they create an environment where love and joy are shared, allowing everyone to revel in the pure delight that dance brings to their lives. If you seek a studio that delves beyond the physical aspects of dance, BarreWorks Dance Studio eagerly awaits to share the love of dance with you.

>>Company details

Address 897b Old Holland Rd, Singapore 278690
Contact 65 9664 6551
Operating hours Mon, Wed, Fri: 3–9pm
Tuesday and Thurs: 9am–8pm
Saturday: 9am–7pm
Sunday: 9am–5pm

>>What we like about it

  • Registered school with the Royal Academy of Dance
  • Commitment to accompany students throughout their dance journey
  • Emphasis on exposing students to various dance forms


Fantastic small ballet school. Passionate and caring teachers who focus on the right techniques. Great community too! -Daniel (Google Review)

STEP Studio

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Discover the world of dance excellence at STEP Studio, a remarkable dance class in Singapore founded by Stephanie Loh and Deo Amarawi in Singapore. Their unwavering commitment to empowering dancers of all levels sets STEP Studio apart as a haven for unlocking true potential.

At STEP Studio, the focus extends beyond skill development, emphasizing personal growth in a motivating environment. This dance studio offers an extensive array of classes spanning various genres, from the energetic beats of hip-hop to the grace of ballet and the fluidity of contemporary dance. Tailoring to diverse interests and goals, STEP Studio provides specially curated courses and programs.

What sets STEP Studio apart is not only its commitment to skill enhancement but also its dedication to showcasing dancers’ progress. The studio organizes annual recital productions, providing a platform for dancers to spotlight their evolving talents.

>>Company details

Address 231 Mountbatten Rd, Block G #01-05, Singapore 397999
Contact 65 6397 4989
Operating hours Mon 6:30 – 10 PM
Tues 5:30 – 10:30 PM
Wed to Fri 5:30 – 10 PM
Weekends 10:30 AM – 7 PM

>>What we like about it

  • Personalized guidance
  • Skills and growth focus
  • Diverse dance genres


Brought our kid to trial for the mini crew dance class – STEP Studio has superbly nurturing and patient instructors. Highly recommend! -Jane (Google review)

EN Motion Dance School

best dance class singapore

Founded in 2004 by the accomplished Artistic Director, Mr. Gary Foo, EN MOTION DANCE SCHOOL stands as Singapore’s largest and most celebrated Street Latin Dance school. Driven by an unyielding passion for dance, En Motion is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled dancing experience. Their extensive range of classes covers LA Salsa, Bachata, New York Style Mambo, Reggaeton, Street Cha Cha, Merengue, and the Afro-Cuban movement.

En Motion has earned renown for its commitment to teaching fundamental body movement in Latin dancing, creating a solid reputation for nurturing students capable of executing smooth and groovy basic movements and steps. The school places a strong emphasis on the significance of basics and fundamentals, ensuring that all classes are conducted in professional dance studios under the guidance of experienced award-winning instructors.

These instructors, with a remarkable track record, hold the expertise to assist new students, rectifying any fundamental errors from the outset. En Motion’s pool of professional instructors has secured the prestigious title of 9-time Asia Latin Champions and achieved top 5 rankings in the World Championship. If you’re seeking an unmatched Street Latin dance experience in Singapore, look no further than EN MOTION DANCE SCHOOL.

>>Company details

Address 03-05/05A Cineleisure, 8 Grange Rd, Singapore 239695
Contact 65 9159 7811
Operating hours Daily 9AM – 10PM

>>What we like about it

  • Singapore’s largest Street Latin Dance school.
  • Most award-winning dance school in Singapore.
  • Taught by experienced award-winning instructors.


I have realized how much I needed to work on my fundamentals after attending my Salsa & Bachata basics class at EM.Gary is so dedicated in coaching and correcting us on every movement during the class. He’s awesome! -Cindy (Google Review)

Danz People

best dance classes in singapore

Danz People is one of Singapore’s premier dance studios, dedicated to providing a diverse range of dance-related activities since its establishment in 2008. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a novice, Danz People offers courses tailored to all levels of experience. The studio boasts a team of instructors with incredible diversity, bringing expertise from street dance to classical ballet and jazz, allowing them to offer an extensive variety of dance genres across different disciplines.

Danz People invites you to explore Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary dance styles for both adults and children. From absolute beginners to experienced dancers, they cater to all skill levels. In collaboration with the National Arts Council, Danz People also provides Arts Enrichment Programmes for schools, showcasing their commitment to dance education.

With a comprehensive curriculum and a wealth of experience, Danz People is well-equipped to share their love of dance with you. If you’re seeking a dance studio that combines expertise, diversity, and a passion for dance education, Danz People is your gateway to a vibrant and enriching dance experience.

>>Company details

Address 6 Raffles Blvd, #02 – 15 / 17, Singapore 039594
Contact 65 6884 9072
Operating hours Weekdays 3PM – 10PM
Saturday 10:30AM – 7PM
Sunday 11:30AM – 6PM

>>What we like about it

  • Offers courses for all ranges of levels
  • Instructors with diverse backgrounds and expertise
  • Curriculum includes Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary


My girl does her Kids hip hop classes here. The teacher is really engaging and patient. Every class has been really fun and fulfilling for my girl. Good job! -Leedon (Google Review)

Slap Dance Studio

SLAP is the Singapore’s premier pole and aerial dance studio, where a fusion of athleticism and grace takes center stage. SLAP offers a diverse range of workouts creatively designed to seamlessly blend the strength and athleticism of aerial arts with the grace and flow of various dance-based movements.

In SLAP’s classes, you can anticipate an all-encompassing cardiovascular workout that not only enhances strength and flexibility but also hones your dance and acro-movement skills. All of this is achieved within a dynamic and safe environment, ensuring a fun and engaging experience.

Regardless of whether you’re an absolute beginner or at an advanced/competitor level, SLAP eagerly welcomes you. Their team of professionally trained instructors is ready to cater to all levels of experience, guiding you through an exhilarating journey that combines fitness, artistry, and the joy of movement. Get ready to elevate your fitness routine at SLAP, where athleticism meets grace in a vibrant dance studio setting.

>>Company details

Address 144 Robinson Road 10-01, #11-01, #13-02 Reception at #10-01, Singapore 068908
Contact 9128 2166
Operating hours Monday to Friday
12PM – 2PM, 6PM – 10PM

>>What we like about it

  • Premier pole and aerial dance studio in Singapore.
  • All-round cardiovascular workout.
  • Emphasis on building strength and flexibility.


Not a very easy place to find. It is located inside a very narrow building amongst all the tall buildings. The studio is tucked in on the upper floor. You literally standing/ queueing up for the class as soon as the elevator opens. However, inside the studio … it was bright, private, clean studio with comfortably spaced out poles and toilet. I had a good time and highly recommended this place. -CM (Google Review)


In summary, Singapore boasts a dynamic dance scene with numerous studios catering to dancers of all ages and proficiency levels. Whether you're captivated by the grace of ballet, the vigor of hip-hop, or the poise of contemporary dance, there's a class tailored to your preferences. Each studio offers its own distinct style, nurturing not only physical abilities but also a deep appreciation for the art of dance. Embark on this enriching journey, delve into diverse genres, and allow the rhythm of Singapore's dance community to ignite your passion! Select the perfect dance class in Singapore today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dance classes in Singapore suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Many dance studios in Singapore offer classes tailored for beginners.

What types of dance genres are popular in Singapore?

Popular dance genres include hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, jazz, and traditional cultural dances.

Do I need to have any prior dance experience to join a class?

No, most dance classes cater to individuals with various levels of experience, including beginners.

How long is the typical duration of a dance class in Singapore?

Class durations vary, but most sessions last around 1 to 1.5 hours.

How can I track my progress in dance classes?

Many studios conduct regular assessments or provide feedback to help you track your progress, and you can also gauge improvement through increased confidence and skill mastery.

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