Top 7 Best Cruise for Valentines in Singapore 2024

Top 7 Best Cruise for Valentines in Singapore 2024

Romance fills the air, and what could be more fitting than embarking on a romantic cruise amidst the captivating waters of Singapore? Whether you're a couple seeking a dreamy retreat or orchestrating a surprise for your beloved, we're here with insider details on the finest Valentine's Day cruises in Singapore. Come along as we delve into the ideal vessels to transform your romantic escapade into an unforgettable journey of love!

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Best Cruise for Valentines in Singapore

Royal Caribbean International

best cruise for valentines in singapore

When it comes to indulgent voyages departing from Singapore’s Marina Bay Cruise Centre, Royal Caribbean International stands in a league of its own. Offering the most lavish cruise for Valentine's in Singapore, their cruises are synonymous with luxury, comfort, and unforgettable memories. At the heart of their offerings is the remarkable Voyager of the Seas, a newly launched ultra-luxurious ship that takes extravagance to new heights. This vessel boasts an impressive array of amenities, from a remarkable 40-foot wave simulator for surfing enthusiasts to rock-climbing walls that challenge adventure-seekers.

Onboard, passengers find themselves immersed in a world of entertainment. An ice skating rink adds a touch of elegance, while an aqua park caters to the younger audience. For adults seeking relaxation, the outdoor Solarium provides a tranquil escape. The ship’s diverse culinary offerings and bars hosting live entertainment ensure that every moment on the Voyager of the Seas is filled with delight and wonder.

>>What we like about it

  • Unparalleled Opulence at Sea
  • Introducing the Voyager of the Seas
  • A World of Entertainment Awaits


Regent Seven Seas Cruises

best cruise for valentines singapore

True to its name, Regent Seven Seas Cruises earns renown for its extensive travel itinerary, which encompasses more than 300 ports worldwide. Among these exciting destinations lies the vibrant city of Singapore, revered as a hub of culture and adventure.

Singapore serves as the host to the magnificent Seven Seas Voyager, a vessel that encapsulates the essence of luxury cruising. Featuring nine impressive decks and boasting an array of 350 premium suites, passengers are treated to an opulent experience from the moment they step onboard.

>>What we like about it

  • A Global Voyage
  • Embarking from Singapore
  • Luxury Cruising


Oceania Cruises

best cruise for valentines in singapore

Oceania Cruises surpasses typical expectations by offering exceptional luxury cruises for Valentine's Day departing from Singapore and traversing across Asia. Guests are invited to indulge in extraordinary extended getaways that seamlessly blend opulence with exploration.

Presently, Oceania Cruises is showcasing an array of enticing offers designed to cater to various preferences. Whether one chooses a 20-day voyage aboard the Regatta to Sydney, an 18-day journey with the Nautica to Dubai, or a 15-day excursion on the Insignia to Hong Kong, these options ensure that each traveler finds the ideal cruise to satisfy their wanderlust.

>>What we like about it

  • Luxury Beyond Compare
  • Irresistible Offers
  • Long Vacation Voyages

Princess Cruises

best cruise singapore

Princess Cruises, hailed as the top cruise line in Asia, brings a wealth of options to the cruises departing from Singapore. From quick 3-day getaways to extensive 15–21-day journeys across Asia, they cater to every traveler’s preference.

Set sail on the remarkable Sapphire Princess, a ship renowned for its onboard theaters and relaxed dining options. Delve into short 3-day, 4-day, and 7-day escapades to nearby destinations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Princess Cruises ensures an array of captivating experiences for all adventurers.

>>What we like about it

  • Exceptional Variety
  • Unforgettable Sailings
  • Theaters on the Trip

Celebrity Cruises

best cruise singapore

Celebrity Cruises stands as the leading name in luxury cruising across the Southeast Asian seas. With Celebrity Millennium as the flagship, along with her esteemed sister ships Constellation, Infinity, and Summit, you’re in for a remarkable journey like no other.

Get ready to be amazed aboard the Celebrity Millennium: romantic cruise for Valentines in Singapore. This opulent cruise ship offers a staggering 9 lounges, multi-deck restaurants serving delectable cuisine, and a vibrant nightlife that ensures every moment of your voyage is filled with excitement and luxury.

>>What we like about it

  • Unparalleled Dominance
  • Extravagant Entertainment
  • Luxurious Cuisine

Holland America Line

Holland America Line is renowned for its mastery in organizing extensive journeys to various ports in the mesmerizing Indian Ocean. If you’re seeking a voyage that goes beyond the ordinary, this is the cruise line to consider.

Prepare for an exceptional 44-day trans-Pacific cruise onboard the remarkable Maasdam. Departing from ports in Malaysia and Thailand, this journey offers an unforgettable route that includes the captivating coasts of Vietnam, China, and Japan, providing travelers with an unparalleled and diverse experience.

>>What we like about it

  • Expertise in Extensive Voyages
  • Unforgettable Trans-Pacific Adventure
  • Features Famously Visited Coasts

Costa Cruises

best cruise singapore

Costa Cruises is your ticket to a budget-friendly cruise for Valentines and for itineraries departing from Singapore. If you’re looking for an economical way to explore the seas, Costa Cruises offers enticing options.

Hop aboard the Costa Fortuna, a magnificent 893-foot-long ship boasting 13 decks. This Italian-inspired vessel offers a wide array of amenities, including four pools, a sauna, a casino, a theater, and more. Get ready to sail in style and comfort on this remarkable Italian steamer-themed cruise ship.

>>What we like about it

  • Wallet-Friendly Excursions
  • Italian Elegance on the Waves
  • VArious Amenities and Activities


As we embark on our journey into the realm of Valentine's Day cruises in Singapore, we trust you've discovered the ideal vessel to navigate the waves of affection. With awe-inspiring vistas and intimate encounters beneath the twinkling night sky, these cruises provide a captivating setting for honoring love. So, take hold of your partner's hand, luxuriate in the maritime splendor, and allow your hearts to chart a memorable Valentine's Day voyage. Bon voyage to love!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do cruises in Singapore typically depart from?

Most cruises depart from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre and the Singapore Cruise Centre at HarbourFront.

What are some popular cruise destinations from Singapore?

Common cruise destinations include Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang), Thailand (Phuket), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), and Indonesia (Bali).

What types of cruises are available in Singapore?

Singapore offers a variety of cruises, including short weekend getaways, longer voyages, and themed cruises focusing on wellness, entertainment, and more.

What are the must-pack items for a cruise from Singapore?

Pack essentials like travel documents, swimwear, sunscreen, comfortable clothing, formal attire (for formal nights), and any medications you may need.

What’s the best time of the year for a cruise from Singapore?

The cruise season in Singapore is year-round, but the best time is during the dry months of November to March to avoid the monsoon season.

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