Top 5 Epoxy Flooring Service in Singapore for Aesthetic Floors 2023

Top 5 Epoxy Flooring Service in Singapore for Aesthetic Floors 2023

Epoxy flooring is one of the few things that can take something ordinary and turn it into something truly special. In Singapore, a city known for its innovation and sophistication, you can choose from a variety of epoxy flooring choices that can easily turn any space into a real work of art. Whether you're a homeowner looking to improve your living spaces or a business owner looking for a durable and eye-catching solution, these top 5 epoxy flooring options in Singapore are sure to change the way you think about floors. Join us on a trip to discover the epoxy marvels that are setting trends and pushing limits in the Lion City. They are beautiful and can't be beat when it comes to durability.

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Best Epoxy Flooring in Singapore

Metallic Epoxy Singapore

Have you heard of Singapore Metallic Epoxy? They are a group of professionals who know a lot about floors and who are experts in a method called metallic epoxy coating and installation. With a loyal following of both homes and business owners, they have become very well-known in Singapore for their excellent epoxy flooring solutions. But here's the exciting part: they don't just know how to fix floors. They also provide a wide range of services, such as installing epoxy on doors, walls, tables, and other surfaces. In short, they know everything there is to know about epoxy.

>> Company Details

Address 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Link@AMK, #01-28, Singapore 569139
Contact +65 6902 3188
+65 8788 6565
Operating Hours Open Daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

>> What We Appreciate

  • Specialization in Metallic Epoxy
  • Reputation as a Trusted Supplier
  • Comprehensive Range of Services


Polymer International Pte Ltd

Let us present you to the experts at Polymer International Singapore who know a lot about flooring. In Southeast Asia, they are known as the best people who can solve any problem. Their claim to fame is that they make amazing floor coatings that protect floors with materials like epoxy and polyurethane blends. But that's not all. They are also experts at making UV-sensitive films and other interesting things out of plastic. What makes them different is that they have their own systems, Polygard® and Ecogard®, which are made to protect for a long time and work well. They have a great warranty program, their own production facility, use cutting-edge tools, and have a team of very experienced people working for them. In a way, they are the gods of flooring.

>> Company Details

Address 289 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 Shun Li Industrial Park Singapore 416079
Contact +65 6749 3113
Operating Hours Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

>> What We Appreciate

  • Expertise in Designing and Installing Protective Layers
  • Extensive Range of Flooring Services
  • Availability of UV-Sensitive Films



Let's look into Starlight, which is the best at remaking and improving places. Starlight is a one-stop shop for all your installation and repair needs. Not only do they do excellent epoxy floors, but they are also great at making small fixes that can make a big difference. Since they opened in Singapore in 1983, they have helped many people turn their homes into beautiful places with their excellent epoxy flooring solutions. Starlight has your back when it comes to reliable knowledge.

>> Company Details

Address 62 Ubi Road 1, #06-13 Oxley Bizhub 2 Singapore, 408734
Contact +65 6281 2408
Operating Hours Open Daily from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM


>> What We Appreciate

  • Proficiency in Minor Maintenance Fixes
  • Experienced and Tenured Staff
  • Deliver High-Caliber Service

Galaxy Painters

Galaxy Painters, the Picassos of painting and flooring, are sure to catch the attention of art lovers. Their work is nothing less than a creation that goes far beyond epoxy flooring. They have a wide range of products, such as paints and ways to keep water out. What's the best? They have all of the right credentials and licenses. Galaxy Painters is a real company that can turn your room into a real piece of art.

>> Company Details

Address 3021 Ubi Ave 2, #02-189 Industrial Estate, Singapore 408897
Contact +65 8484 5550
Operating Hours Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

>> What We Appreciate

  • Diverse Range of Services
  • Exceptional Expertise and Experience
  • High-Quality Products

Trion Industrial Services

Let's discuss an economically savvy option for those seeking exquisite epoxy floors. Trion Industrial Services emerges as the budget-friendly champion of flooring installations. Epoxy floors can be a substantial investment, especially for larger areas. However, with Trion, you can rest assured that affordability meets excellence. They are the reliable companions offering exceptional services at highly competitive rates. Whether you're enhancing your beloved home or sprucing up your commercial space, Trion is the name to trust.

>> Company Details

Address Blk 20 Woodlands Link #08-06 Singapore 738733
Contact +65 6898 2846
Operating Hours Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

>> What We Appreciate

  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Reputation as a Trustworthy Firm
  • Expertise in Both Residential and Commercial Projects

What is epoxy flooring, and why would you want to put it down?

Epoxy flooring is a very durable and flexible type of floor that is made by mixing epoxy glue with a hardening agent. This mixture is carefully spread on a surface that has been properly prepared, usually concrete, where it joins and hardens into a strong, smooth surface. Epoxy flooring stands out because of its smooth, shiny finish, which not only makes a room look better but also has a lot of practical benefits.

Installing epoxy flooring has a lot of benefits that make it a good choice in a wide range of settings. The most important of these benefits is that epoxy floors are very durable. They can stand up to heavy foot traffic, machines, and chemicals with a lot of strength. Even more proof that they are good for industrial and business settings is that they are resistant to chemicals, oils, water, and dirt. Also, epoxy flooring is easy to take care of because it doesn't stain and can be easily cleaned by wiping or washing.

Epoxy flooring is also very flexible and can be made to look different by using different colors, patterns, and even 3D effects. Aside from looking good, the fact that it is seamless makes it healthier because dirt, dust, and germs can't get stuck in the joints or gaps. Another important feature is that epoxy flooring can last for a long time if it is installed and kept correctly. This makes it a good long-term investment. Additives that make it harder to slip improve safety, especially in places where water or spills are likely to happen.

Also, epoxy flooring is easy to put down, especially on a surface that has been well-prepared. It can stand up to chemicals and acids, which makes it perfect for industrial settings where people are often exposed to different substances. UV-resistant epoxy paints can be used outside because they don't fade when exposed to sunlight. The shiny finish of epoxy flooring makes it look modern and clean, and it also reflects light, which could help save energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is epoxy flooring suitable for residential use?

Yes, epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for homes. It is frequently applied in garages, kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms due to its durability and ease of maintenance.

  • Can epoxy flooring be used in commercial spaces?

Absolutely. Epoxy flooring is a popular option for commercial settings such as warehouses, showrooms, retail stores, and healthcare facilities due to its resilience and long-lasting qualities.

  • What is the expected lifespan of epoxy flooring?

When properly maintained, epoxy flooring can endure anywhere from 10 to 20 years or even longer.

  • Can epoxy flooring be installed over existing floors?

Yes, epoxy flooring can be applied over existing concrete floors, provided they are adequately prepared and in good condition.

  • Is epoxy flooring slippery?

Epoxy flooring can become slippery when wet, but you can enhance traction by incorporating anti-slip additives into the topcoat.

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