Top 5 Best Zumba Classes in Singapore

Top 5 Best Zumba Classes in Singapore

Singaporeans have been known for a long time for their love of exercise and openness to different cultures. Zumba, which is a mix of lively dance moves and Latin rhythms, has caught the attention of exercise fans, and it's no surprise that Singapore has some of the best Zumba classes in the region. We've put together a list of the top 5 Zumba classes making news in Singapore this year. Whether you're new to Zumba or a seasoned dancer looking to spice up your fitness routine, check them out. Get ready to move, dance, and sweat your way to better health and happiness!

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Finest Zumba Classes in Singapore

Zinga Fitness

best zumba classes singapore

Are you ready to take your workout to the next level? Since 2013, Zinga Fitness has been the most important company in the Zumba world. As one of the most popular Zumba schools in Singapore, they offer a wide range of Zumba classes, as well as group activities, training, fitness events, and tough workouts. Zinga Fitness has options for everyone, whether you want to work out alone or dance with your friends.

>> Company Information

Address  11 Bedok North Street 1, #01-14, Singapore 469662
540 Sims Ave, Level 4, Singapore 387603
192 Waterloo St, #07-03, Singapore 187966
Contact +65 8292 7554
Operating Hours Multiple branches (check the website)

>> What Sets Them Apart

  • Offers group activities and training options.
  • Hosts fitness events and extensive workout sessions.
  • Flexible options for both individual and group workouts.

>> Testimonial

"Best workout place … variety of fitness program… very good trainers…super Fun" - Mugdha (Google review)



Beatfactory Fitness

best zumba class in singapore

Do you know anything about Beatfactory Fitness? This place is all about great dance-based exercise classes that include hip-hop, jazz, K-pop, and, of course, Zumba. Their Zumba lessons are a great mix of fun and challenge, and they are good for people of all ages and skill levels. With more than 15 different kinds of Zumba, like basic Zumba, Zumba Toning, and STRONG by Zumba, different needs can be met. It's like a dance festival that makes you healthier at the same time!

>> Company Information

Address 545 Orchard Road #10-11, Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882

+65 6909 2204

+65 8776 3474

Operating Hours

Check the website

>> What Sets Them Apart

  • Delivers engaging and enjoyable Zumba sessions with a challenge.
  • Offers a wide array of activities suitable for various ages and skill levels.
  • Presents a selection of over 15 distinct Zumba movements.

>> Testimonial

"Very spacious studio, high quality instructors and energetic dance and fitness classes. This is the place to be to soak in the atmosphere of being in orchard after a good workout." - Lani (Google review)




best zumba classes singapore

Have you heard of Bollywood dancing? This amazing Zumba class first opened in Mumbai in 2008, and then moved to Singapore. Anjali Savla leads them in Singapore, where they offer more than just Zumba. They also have exercise and dance classes, workshops, and training programs. BollyDancing might even be better than you thought it would be!

>> Company Information

Address 261 Waterloo Street, 01-12 Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261

+65 9062 1412

+65 9475 6195

Operating Hours 

Monday to Thursday 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM

Friday 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Sunday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

>> What Sets Them Apart

  • Infuses Indian dance elements into Zumba sessions.
  • Delivers artistic and high-energy experiences.
  • Surpasses expectations through a diverse range of programs.

>> Testimonial

"Sejal led my team of 16 through an energizing and super fun 90-minute session. What a great team bonding activity! Communications with Mayuri and Mihir were also seamless from the get-go. Highly recommended!" - Azriena (Google review)


best zumba classes singapore

1Fiesta is the best place to go for Zumba. Their products are good for everyone. Explore their Zumba Gold program for adults, Zumba Toning for people who want to sculpt and tone, and even Zumba Aqua, which lets you dance in the water like a mermaid! Your Zumba journey is ready to start, with a lot of fun things to try.

>> Company Information

Address Check the website
Operating Hours  Check the website

>> What Sets Them Apart

  • Features Zumba Gold sessions for seniors.
  • Provides Zumba Toning for body sculpting.
  • Offers Zumba Aqua classes in aquatic environments.

>> Testimonial

"This is a studio. You work out for 1 hour with Latin music, etc. They have good instructors—friendly and nice. They have dumbbells with varying weights and floor mats for floor exercises. The focus is on shaping the body in key areas. It was really good. People from their 20s to 60s are working out." - Presila (Google review)

Virgin Active

Hello, people who like to exercise! Check out the dance exercise classes offered by Virgin Active in different parts of Singapore. These classes are a great way to burn calories and keep your body in shape. If you want to reach your fitness goals quickly, you can hire a personal trainer to help you. Virgin Active also has different pricing choices, so you can make sure your fitness journey fits your budget. Now is the time to get moving!

>> Company Information

Address Multiple branches (check the website)
Contact Multiple branches (check the website)
Operating Hours  Multiple branches (check the website)

>> What Sets Them Apart

  • Facilitates calorie burning and body toning.
  • Grants access to personal trainers.
  • Prioritizes efficient achievement of fitness goals.

>> Testimonial

"Great facility and love the reformer class." - Amy (Google review)

Advantages of Zumba for the Body

Zumba is a popular form of exercise that mixes dance moves with aerobic and fitness moves in a smooth way. Zumba is known for being fun and active, and it has many health benefits for the body. Think about the possible perks of doing Zumba:

Cardiovascular fitness is improved by Zumba's rhythmic and continuous moves, which raise the heart rate and strengthen the heart and lungs over time.

Effective Calorie Burning: The high-energy routine of Zumba helps burn a lot of calories. The combination of dance and aerobics helps people lose weight and keep it off.

Zumba works many different muscle groups because it is made up of fast-paced dance routines. This helps tone and develop the muscles in the legs, arms, core, and back.

Improved Coordination and Balance: Because Zumba dance moves are planned, they require coordination and balance. Motor skills and visual awareness get better with regular practice.

Mood Enhancement: The fun and social nature of Zumba, along with the upbeat music and friendly atmosphere, makes your body release endorphins, which are natural chemicals that make you feel good and reduce stress.

Heightened energy: The combination of aerobics and dance in Zumba builds endurance over time, which gives you more energy for daily tasks.

Increased flexibility: Many Zumba practices include stretches and dance moves that help people become more flexible. When you do it often, your joints become more flexible and your range of motion increases.

Stress Relief: Zumba is a good way to relieve stress. When music, movement, and socializing come together, stress and worry go down.

Social Interaction: Zumba lessons are usually held in groups, which builds community and encourages people to interact with each other. This makes it easier to stay motivated and keep up with an exercise routine.

Improved Posture: Zumba's dance practices teach people how to move their bodies in a way that keeps them in good posture.

Cognitive Gains: During Zumba classes, learning and doing choreographed dance moves stimulates the brain and helps improve memory and coordination.

Zumba is a mix of dance styles, including Latin, hip-hop, and more. This keeps workouts interesting and prevents them from becoming boring.

It's important to remember that everyone's findings will be different. The intensity and benefits of Zumba depend on things like how hard you work, how often you do it, and how fit you are generally. Before starting Zumba, it's best to talk to a doctor, especially if you have health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Must I possess dance experience to join a Zumba class?

Zumba classes are inclusive, welcoming participants of all skill levels. No prior dance experience is necessary as choreography is designed to be enjoyable and easy to follow.

  • What attire is suitable for a Zumba class?

Opt for comfortable workout clothing and proper athletic footwear that supports your feet. Outfits should allow unrestricted movement and promote comfort during the session.

  • What is the duration of a typical Zumba class?

Zumba sessions generally last between 45 to 60 minutes, encompassing warm-up and cool-down periods.

  • Are there varied types of Zumba classes in Singapore?

Certainly. Singapore offers diverse Zumba class options, including Zumba Fitness, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, and Zumba Gold (tailored for seniors).

  • What should I bring to a Zumba class?

Carry a water bottle for hydration, a towel, and a positive attitude for an enjoyable workout experience.

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