Top 5 Best Aquarium Shops in Singapore 2024

Top 5 Best Aquarium Shops in Singapore 2024

Singapore is a tropical paradise with a wide range of great tank shops that can meet the needs of any water lover. Whether you have been keeping fish for a long time or are just starting out, these top 6 aquarium shops in Singapore will leave you in awe and make you want a unique home tank. Join us on this aquatic journey as we visit some of the best places where a love of marine life and expert knowledge come together to create safe havens for both marine animals and dedicated fans. Let's dive into the depths and find the underwater gems that Singapore's best aquarium shops have to offer!

Key Consideration Factors

At Steriluxe, we understand how important it is to give our readers correct and reliable information. Because of this, our selection process for finding the best companies in certain areas is taken very seriously. Google and Facebook scores are one of the most important things we look at when making our list. By looking at feedback from real customers, we make sure that our reviews are reliable and fair for our readers. These scores give an idea of how happy customers are in general and how good a company's services are.



Premier Aquarium Shops in Singapore

Fishy Business Elements Pte Ltd

Best Aquarium Shop in Singapore

You might be shocked by the amazing trip of Fishy Business. This business started out as a small online store in 2011. It met the needs of aquascaping artists in the area. Their image has grown all the time because they are so passionate about what they do. Their involvement in international aquascaping competitions shows how much they care. The goal of Fishy Business is to spread their love of aquascaping all over Singapore. Find out about their amazing products and information base!

>> Company details

Address 96C Jalan Senang, #03-00, Singapore 418483
Contact +65 6241 2622
Operating Hours

Tuesday to Friday 1:30pm – 7:00pm

Weekend 1:30pm – 6:00pm

>> What We Find Admirable

  • Serving the needs of local hobbyists
  • Exemplifying genuine passion for aquascaping
  • Offering an extensive range of products, knowledge, and assistance

>> Testimonial

Beautiful aquascapes on show, it can be a source of ideas for budding aquascapers. Not so much of a place to get fish and plants, more of providing aquacscaping businesses- Piano Girl (Google review)



Madpetz Aquatic Studio

aquarium shop near me

Marine tank lovers, listen up! In Singapore, Madpetz Aquatic Studio is the place to go. Their excellent product line is carefully chosen to meet the needs of marine fish tanks. Small nano fish tanks make it easy for even newbies to keep fish. With Madpetz, you can dive deep into the world of underwater aquariums.

>> Company details

Address Blk 607 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4, #01-1287, Singapore 560607
Contact +65 6456 6330
+65 9800 1328
Operating Hours Tuesday to Wednesday 12:00pm – 8:00pm
Friday 12:00pm – 8:00pm
Weekend 12:00pm – 6:00pm

>> What We Find Admirable

  • Dedication to addressing marine fish tank requirements
  • Provision of small nano fish tanks for beginners
  • Focused approach on marine aquarium products

>> Testimonial

Good place to visit for fresh and marine equipment. Life stock such as fishes are very minimal. Good range of corals tho. Abit on the high side cost wise. Clean and tidy shop. -Rishi (Google review)




Toh Aquarium

Best Aquarium Shops Singapore

Looking for a place that knows what you need when it comes to wild fish? Toh Aquarium is the only place to go. The people who run this business are fish enthusiasts themselves, and their knowledge shows. They have a great selection of live fish, aquatic plants, and a wide range of items to meet all of your needs. With all of their knowledge and hands-on experience, you can be sure to find everything you need for your tank. You won't be let down if you come here.

>> Company details

Address Blk 63 Kallang Bahru #01-425, Singapore
Contact +65 6904 9198
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday 10:30am – 9:00pm

>> What We Find Admirable

  • Wide-ranging assortment of freshwater fishes
  • Extensive selection of aquarium accessories
  • Dedicated and enthusiastic fish hobbyists

>> Testimonial

Love this aquarium! They have so many and all sorts of bettas here including giants reasonably priced! Staffs and helpful and friendly too. - Jn L (Google review)

K & K Aquarium & Birds Centre

Best Aquarium Shops Singapore

Let's look at the K&K Aquarium and Birds Centre. This well-kept secret has been around since 1981 and has always had the best live pets, pet food, and pet supplies. Even more amazing is their collection of fish. This place has everything you need if you want to buy things for fish or eat fish. Pay them a visit and check out what they have to offer.

>> Company details

Address 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1145, Singapore 524201
Contact +65 6784 4578
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday 11:00am – 9:30pm

>> What We Find Admirable

  • Extensive range of fish accessories
  • Catering not only to fish but also to birds and pet requirements
  • Availability of fish food catering to all aquarium needs

>> Testimonial

I’ve been buying fish supplies from here since young. Bought a fish tank for my sons and We noted it was leaking. Brought it back the next day and was offered a replacement after checking it was leaking. Uncle gave two extra fishes as a gift.- Siti (Google review)

AMB Aquatic Hub

Don't miss AMB Aquatic Hub, a great tank shop near Somerset MRT that is easy to get to. Their goods cover a wide range of aquarium items, from filter systems to plant food and everything in between. A must-see for anyone who likes aquariums and having fish. Stop by and see what they have to offer!

>> Company details

Address 176 Orchard Road The CentrePoint B2-02, Singapore
Contact +65 6835 7584
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 11:15am – 7:00pm
Weekend and Public Holidays 11:15am – 6:30pm

>> What We Find Admirable

  • Convenient access for town residents
  • Provision of aeration and air pump solutions
  • Diverse range of products available

>> Testimonial

Their fishes are so beautiful and healthy. The fishes I bought elsewhere were cheaper but died very fast. The quality of their products and service are also very good, they actively help me to solve the problems for my tank, I got a lot of knowledge from them! :) - Janet (Google review)

A Guide to Taking Care of Your Home Aquarium

Taking care of a home tank means giving it constant care and attention so that the animals in it can live and grow. Here are the most important steps to taking care of your aquarium:

  1. Check Water Parameters: Check the temperature, pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels in the water on a regular basis. Keeping a record of these numbers helps you see how things change over time.
  2. Water Changes: Change 10–25% of the water amount every 1–2 weeks, depending on the size of the tank and the number of inhabitants. This helps get rid of pollution that have built up and keeps the water clean.
  3. Tank Cleaning: Clean the glass, decorations, and substrate of the tank regularly to get rid of algae, dirt, and waste. When you change the water, use an algae scraper or a magnet to clean the glass, and gently vacuum the bottom.
  4. Maintenance of the Filter: To clean and maintain the aquarium filter, follow the instructions given by the maker. Rinse or change the filter media often to keep it working well.
  5. Ecological Balance: Don't put too many fish in the tank, as this can cause waste to build up and fish to get stressed. Find out what your fish species needs and make sure they are compatible.
  6. Feeding Schedule: Give the fish only as much high-quality food as they can eat in a few minutes. Overfeeding can cause a lot of waste and make the water quality worse.
  7. Lighting Control: Change how long the lights are on based on what the fish and live plants need. Set up a lighting plan that mimics how day and night work in nature.
  8. Observe the fish's behavior. Check the fish's behavior often for signs of illness, stress, or strange behavior. When problems are found quickly, they don't get worse.
  9. Quarantine New Additions: Put new fish or plants in a separate tank for a few weeks before adding them to the main aquarium. This safety measure makes sure that there are no diseases.
  10. Algae Control: Keep the lights on for the right amount of time and add algae-eating species like snails or plecos to keep algae from growing too much.
  11. Temperature Control: Keep the water temperature fixed within the range that your fish can handle. Use heaters when it's cold, and think about ways to cool down when it's hot.
  12. Quick Solution: Fix problems with the water quality, broken equipment, or the health of the fish right away to avoid more problems.

Each aquarium is different, so it's important to do a lot of study on what your fish and plants need for a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Your tank will be healthy and beautiful if you take care of it well and pay attention to the little things.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do aquarium shops only sell fish from fresh water, or do they also sell fish from salt water?

Most aquarium shops in Singapore have both freshwater fish and fish from the sea. Some places only offer one type, while others offer both.

  • Are these tank shops good for people who have never kept fish before?

Yes, there are many aquarium shops in Singapore that cater to newbies and help with setting up and taking care of a fish tank. They tell you how to choose fish that will get along well with each other, how to set up your tank right, and how to take care of your fish properly.

  • Are these shops getting their fish from places that are safe and healthy?

Aquarium shops in Singapore with a good reputation put the health of their fish and other sea creatures first. They get them from parents who are responsible and check on their health before putting them up for sale.

  • What sorts of plants that live in water can you buy at these stores?

You'll find a variety of water plants, from ones that don't need much care, like Java fern and Anubias, to ones that do, like carpeting plants and mosses.

  • Do the places that sell aquariums offer customized tank setups or services for keeping aquariums healthy?

In fact, many aquarium shops offer customized tank setups based on what you want. They may also offer services for keeping your aquarium clean and healthy.

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