Top 10 Best Travel Blogger in Singapore 2024

Top 10 Best Travel Blogger in Singapore 2024

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating virtual journey as we unveil Singapore's top-notch travel bloggers. From undiscovered treasures to awe-inspiring landscapes, these ten travel aficionados excel in the craft of storytelling, captivating the imaginations of wanderers globally. Come along as we delve into their enchanting narratives, stunning photographs, and invaluable travel insights, promising to kindle your adventurous soul and fuel your fervor for exploration.

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Top Travel Blogger in Singapore

1. Pohtecktoes

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Meet Hendric, the mastermind behind the travel blog Pohtecktoes. Hendric, with a penchant for potatoes and a clever play on his Mandarin name, believes in embracing the present moment and living life to the fullest through travel. Through his blog, he aspires to inspire others to do the same.

Hendric's diverse range of interests makes it challenging to narrow them down, as he finds fascination in almost everything. Recently, joy has been discovered by him in being a globetrotter, an occasional dancer, an outdoor enthusiast, an aspiring entrepreneur, and a creative individual.

2. Rambling Feet

Rambling Feet serves as a destination-focused blog, urging independent travel enthusiasts to forge their own narratives. Through a combination of personal anecdotes and pragmatic advice, the blog strives to illustrate the accessibility and gratification of deviating from the conventional routes.

Readers are exposed to a plethora of ideas for adventurous journeys, ranging from pedestrian explorations and exploits in public transportation to indulging in regional delicacies and immersing in the excitement of motor races. Rambling Feet stands as a valuable source of inspiration for those seeking unconventional travel experiences.

3. Pam Goes Travelling

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Pamela, a passionate traveler hailing from Singapore, discovers joy in the exploration of new destinations and the embrace of unique experiences. Her perfect combination involves a love for travel, social interactions, and savoring a good beer. The spark for her solo travel passion was ignited during a graduation trip, and since then, she has ventured across continents, shaping her perspective and creating lasting memories from Australia to South America.

Taking a leap of faith, Pamela decides to leave her job to learn Spanish in Colombia, embarking on a transformative journey that further deepens her connections and enriches her life. The story of Pamela exemplifies the transformative power of travel and the personal growth it brings, showcasing her independence and inner strength discovered through her solo adventures.

4. Sunrise Odyssey

Meet Daniel and Gina, a pair of adventurous Asian travelers who have decided to break free from the ordinary Singaporean lifestyle and embark on a journey of exploration and discovery. Through their blog, captivating travel stories are shared, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations.

In their recent 279-day overland adventure, Daniel and Gina journeyed from China to Mongolia, traversing through Central Asia, Iran, and ultimately reaching Turkey. They amassed a wealth of unique experiences during this expedition, which they enthusiastically share with their readers. Readers are invited to join Daniel and Gina as they advocate for a life filled with adventure and an insatiable thirst for discovery.

5. The Travel Intern

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At the heart of their journeys, one finds a compilation of captivating stories. The Travel Intern, a community of adventurous explorers and storytellers based in Singapore, dedicates itself to inspiring others to embark on new experiences. Through various forms of creative expression such as writing, photography, and filmmaking, The Travel Intern aims to ignite a sense of curiosity within its audience.

Whether it's a dream destination, a captivating city, or an unexplored culinary delight, The Travel Intern encourages individuals to embrace the wonders of the world. The team consists of talented storytellers who have participated in The Travel Intern Programme, a unique rotational internship that immerses them in a lifestyle of travel and exploration.

6. The Occasional Traveller

Jaclynn Seah, widely recognized as The Occasional Traveller, is a dedicated Singaporean traveler who adeptly juggles her passion for exploration with the demands of a full-time job. In 2010, amidst the hustle and bustle of her career, it dawned on her that an excessive amount of unused annual leave days had accumulated due to neglecting travel. Fueled by this realization, she initiated the creation of her blog to cater to fellow busy professionals aspiring to travel despite their time constraints.

Through Jaclynn's diverse experiences, readers can seamlessly devise their own travel plans, draw inspiration from her wanderlust-filled narratives, and glean valuable lessons from her travel successes and setbacks. Ultimately, Jaclynn strives to motivate her audience to prioritize travel, underscoring the significance of taking time off for their upcoming adventures.

7. The Petite Wanderess

Kristine Li, the blogger and content creator behind The Petite Wanderess, revels in solo travel and the exploration of new destinations. She candidly shares her experiences as an introvert, shedding light on the challenges she faces with social and travel anxiety. In addition to her endeavors in travel blogging, Kristine serves as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wellness therapist. Fueled by a profound passion for TCM, she integrates wellness articles related to this ancient practice into her blog.

In addition to her roles in travel and wellness, Kristine functions as a freelance professional creative designer. She engages in collaborations with renowned brands such as Marina Bay Sands, Canon, SingTel, Young Living, and TheJellyHearts. Despite taking on a limited number of projects annually, Kristine remains open to opportunities that allow her to contribute her expertise and support to interested parties.

8. The Shutterwhale

Mark Chua, widely recognized as The Shutterwhale, founded his travel website in 2013 with the goal of embracing wanderlust and escaping the monotony of daily routines. The Shutterwhale focuses on delivering impartial luxury hotel reviews, exclusive travel experiences, and airport lounge evaluations within the region.

In addition to his professional role as a management consultant specializing in data analytics, The Shutterwhale serves as a significant hobby, catering to affluent readers by offering the latest market deals, credit card guides, industry news, and promotions. The website's credibility has garnered recognition through features in prestigious international and local media outlets, including Forbes Travel Guide, The Business Times, The Straits Times, SilverKris, WINE&DINE, and interviews on radio stations like 938LIVE and UFM100.3.

9. The T List

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Pei, the jet-setting executive and runaway blogger, is a passionate travel enthusiast known as the founder of The T List, a Singapore-based travel blog. Desiring to establish a collective platform for like-minded travelers, Pei shares captivating stories and personal experiences through her blog.

Her adventurous journeys span practicing yoga in Sri Lanka, meditating in a cave in Nepal, riding a camel in the Sahara Desert (even in the rain), and encountering wild animals in South Africa. In addition to her love for travel, Pei possesses a deep appreciation for food, integrating culinary exploration as a crucial component of her travel experiences.

10. Travelerfolio

TravelerFolio, a well-established travel blog, showcases contributions from a group of like-minded professionals and travel enthusiasts. The collective passion for sharing travel tips, must-see attractions, bucket list destinations, and Instagram-worthy places is evident in their engaging content. Founded in 2008 by Eunice, TravelerFolio strives to highlight the finest holiday destinations and foster connections with fellow travelers worldwide. The blog has garnered recognition and accolades over the years, including serving as judges for the Singapore Blog Awards from 2012 to 2015 and participating as a panel speaker at Social Media Week Hong Kong in 2012.

The team was honored with the Super Blogger Award by the Singapore Blog Awards in 2012 and recognized as a finalist for the Best Travel Blog category in 2011. Their impressive track record includes winning the Best Photo Blog at the Singapore Blog Awards in 2008 and receiving the VisitBritain Media Awards in 2011. Furthermore, the team's dedication to providing valuable travel content has earned them a spot among the Asia Pacific’s Best Travel Blogs.

How to Be a Successful Travel Blogger

Achieving success as a travel blogger demands a blend of enthusiasm, unwavering commitment, and a thoughtful strategy. To begin, identify your niche and cultivate a distinctive voice within the crowded realm of travel blogging. Uncover what distinguishes you from others and concentrate on crafting content that resonates with your specific audience, be it in adventure travel, luxurious getaways, budget backpacking, or cultural immersion. Establishing a niche allows you to showcase your expertise and uniqueness.

Consistency and quality stand as paramount factors for success. Routinely share high-caliber content that captivates your readers, encouraging their return for more. Share compelling narratives, breathtaking visuals, and practical travel advice that both inspires and educates your audience. Leverage social media platforms to interact with your followers, collaborate with brands, and build a robust online presence. Lastly, connect with fellow travel bloggers and industry experts to broaden your reach and opportunities. Engage in travel conferences, collaborative projects, and seek partnerships that align with your brand. With persistence, authenticity, and a genuine passion for travel, you can carve your path to success in the realm of travel blogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Singapore a safe destination for travelers?

 Certainly, Singapore is recognized for its exceptional safety standards. With minimal crime rates, a well-functioning public transportation system, and meticulously maintained infrastructure, it stands as a secure and welcoming destination for travelers.

What are the must-visit attractions in Singapore?

 Singapore offers a variety of renowned attractions such as Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island, Orchard Road, Chinatown, and the Singapore Zoo. Be sure to explore the vibrant culinary scene for a complete and enriching experience.

How efficient is public transportation in Singapore?


Singapore features an exceptionally well-organized public transportation network, encompassing MRT trains, buses, and taxis. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stands out as the most convenient and economically efficient means of navigating the city.

Can I drink tap water in Singapore?

Certainly, drinking tap water in Singapore is secure. The city employs rigorous water treatment procedures, ensuring a high water quality. Feel assured when refilling your water bottle directly from the taps. 

Are there any specific laws or regulations I should be aware of in Singapore?

 Certainly! Singapore enforces stringent laws and regulations. Chewing gum is not allowed, and substantial fines are imposed for littering, smoking in public areas, and jaywalking. It is crucial to acquaint yourself with the local laws and ensure compliance during your visit.

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