Top 10 Best Sustainable Living Bloggers in Singapore 2024

Top 10 Best Sustainable Living Bloggers in Singapore 2024

In Singapore, a dynamic community of dedicated bloggers is revolutionizing the landscape of sustainable living. Through their distinct viewpoints and hands-on advice, these influencers are motivating people and neighborhoods to embrace eco-friendly habits that enhance both environmental health and personal wellness. Whether it's advocating for sustainable fashion or sharing ingenious strategies for reducing waste, these bloggers from Singapore are at the forefront of the movement towards a more environmentally conscious future. Come along as we delve into their inspiring stories and uncover ways in which we can all play a part in creating a greener Singapore.

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Best Bloggers in Singapore (Sustainable Living Niche)


Pioneering the transition toward a more sustainable global ecosystem, susGain rises as a rewards-driven engagement application meticulously crafted to cultivate behavioral shifts across diverse sectors such as corporations, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations. Central to its mission is the meticulous measurement of generated impacts, empowering individuals and entities to embrace sustainable behaviors actively.

Through a system of incentives and rewards for eco-conscious deeds, the app motivates users to embrace greener lifestyles and effect positive change within their spheres. With its groundbreaking methodology, susGain endeavors to play a pivotal role in advancing the collective endeavor towards a more sustainable trajectory for our planet.

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Employing a holistic strategy, the project strives to equip both individuals and organizations with the essential tools, resources, and insights needed to make well-informed decisions and enact meaningful change.



The Sustainability Project

At The Sustainability Project, the conviction runs deep that each person holds the capacity to champion a healthier planet. Their mission centers on empowering individuals to become proactive catalysts for change through education on the core principles of sustainability.

Through engaging discussions and enlightening workshops, the organization endeavors to cultivate a profound comprehension of the intricate relationship between human behavior and the natural world. Furthermore, The Sustainability Project is committed to igniting inspiration, urging people to embark on incremental yet impactful journeys toward adopting more sustainable lifestyles.

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Through their blog, they enlighten readers about sustainability, championing the elimination of plastic products while advocating for low-waste alternatives. Their informative talks delve into the intricacies of the zero-waste lifestyle, while their active presence on social media platforms spreads awareness and inspires followers to embrace sustainability. Moreover, they actively participate in the circular economy by repurposing used packaging and facilitating the redistribution of pre-loved books.



Simply Good

At SimplyGood, their commitment to empowering consumers to enact positive change for the planet shines through. With a profound passion for promoting simple yet impactful actions, they are dedicated to facilitating easy steps that individuals can take at home to make a genuine difference.

In pursuit of this objective, they have embraced the challenge of crafting high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning and personal care items. These products are designed to effectively eradicate the need for single-use plastic bottles within households, offering a sustainable alternative for everyday use.

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They play an active role in reducing the carbon footprint of households by advocating for their products. What distinguishes their offerings is their unwavering dedication to utilizing 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. This commitment not only ensures the safety of families but also extends to the well-being of pets, aligning with their ethos of providing eco-friendly solutions for homes.


Little Green Dot

Militza, the creative force behind the website, runs her home workshop in North Carolina. With a significant presence in renowned publications like Learning Herbs, Willow & Sage Magazine, and her authored book, "Natural Homemade Skincare," she has solidified her standing as a distinguished figure in the domain.

Her main vocations revolve around writing and teaching, driven by an abiding passion for herbalism.

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Militza specializes in uncovering the external applications of herbs, with a particular focus on skincare. Through her blog, she generously offers a plethora of resources, including recipes, herbal research discoveries, and engaging topics that spark her interest.



Mathilde Moyell is a fervent advocate for health and sustainability, driven by her mission to educate others on how prioritizing personal well-being can positively impact the planet. Armed with certifications in Nutrition and Ayurveda, along with credentials as a Certified Green School Green Educator, ICI Neuro Coach, and Aligned Yoga Teacher, Mathilde possesses a rich reservoir of expertise to impart.

Through her organization, orgayana, Mathilde provides individual coaching sessions and consultations that cover all aspects of orgayana's pillars: mind, eat, active, skin, home, and planet.

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The platform offers an extensive array of content, comprising articles, videos, and a podcast, encompassing diverse facets of green living, including food, beauty, health, sports, family, travel, fashion, mindfulness, and home. Each member of the orgayana community brings expertise in their respective domains, offering practical insights and hands-on advice that can seamlessly integrate into daily routines.


Gaia Discovery

The mission behind Gaia Discovery was twofold: to cultivate a sense of enjoyment and excitement in eco-living and responsible travel. Gaia Discovery enthusiastically sought out and shared environmental news while capturing inspiring stories of individuals who were making a positive impact.

Recognizing the boundless wonders of our planet, the platform delved deeper into the lesser-known aspects, uncovering untold travel narratives and unexplored territories.

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With the goal of promoting sustainable living and responsible tourism, Gaia Discovery aimed to offer unbiased information and resources. The platform was dedicated to safeguarding the environment, heritage, and local communities through the generation of awareness and active engagement from its readers.


WWF Singapore

Established in March 2006, WWF-Singapore emerged as a dynamic force in engaging both individuals and organizations in Singapore to drive positive transformations in their lives and business practices. The organization’s primary objective revolved around raising awareness through impactful campaigns and outreach initiatives.

By imparting knowledge and insights, WWF-Singapore sought to educate individuals from diverse backgrounds, emphasizing the profound impact that small, everyday actions can have in preserving the environment and safeguarding global biodiversity.

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WWF-Singapore launched collaborative reports on sustainability, including waste reduction strategies in the retail sector with Lendlease and a partnership with Epson Southeast Asia for marine conservation and climate solutions. These initiatives promote knowledge, collaboration, and positive change.



bloggers for sustainable living

Secondsguru was founded by Anuja Byotra Aggarwal and Lara Rath, who were both taken aback by the extensive amount of time it took them to discover straightforward and effective methods for embracing an eco-friendly way of life when they relocated to Singapore as expatriates. The co-founders were confronted with numerous queries: where could they purchase second-hand furniture? How could they access organic and bulk food options? What items were suitable for recycling?

Furthermore, they sought opportunities to engage with individuals who shared their eco-conscious values through various environmental events. Another challenge they faced was determining what to do with the surplus books and clothes they no longer required. In the face of countless inquiries and limited information readily available, Secondsguru was born as a comprehensive solution to address these pressing concerns.

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Secondsguru is a young social enterprise promoting environmental education and awareness. Through workshops, events, and a website, it engages people with a curated calendar of eco-events, eco-friendly lifestyle guides, sustainable brand information, and more.


Save Food Cut Waste

sustainable living

It is time for Singapore to assert its stance and combat the issue of food waste, and thus, Save Food Cut Waste was initiated. This grassroots movement holds the objective of enlightening individuals, businesses, and organizations in Singapore about the adverse ecological and societal repercussions of food waste.

By spreading awareness, Save Food Cut Waste aims to inspire and mobilize everyone to actively participate in the reduction of food waste. Through education and advocacy, this movement strives to create a collective effort toward a more sustainable and responsible approach to food consumption in Singapore.

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Save Food Cut Waste is effectively managed by Zero Waste SG, a prominent non-profit and non-governmental organization in Singapore. It takes on the crucial role of aiding Singapore in expediting its transition towards a zero-waste society and a circular economy. With a firm commitment to sustainable practices, Zero Waste SG actively promotes waste reduction, recycling, and resource conservation through various initiatives and partnerships.


Tortoise the Label

Tortoise the Label strives to promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Their approach involves creating essential items that meet the needs of consumers while ensuring ethical production methods. By using 100% organic cotton and partnering with SA8000 and GOTS-certified factories, they ensure that their clothing is made without exploiting workers or harming the environment.

Additionally, their thoughtful design includes using a single fiber type, avoiding the use of polyester labels and embellishments, which facilitates ease of recycling. Moreover, their commitment to using plant-based and biodegradable materials ensures that their products can be responsibly returned to the earth, even if they are designed with recycling in mind.

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Tortoise The Label is dedicated to minimizing textile waste by embracing circular designs and processes that prioritize the well-being of both the planet and its people. With a strong commitment to sustainability, they strive to create fashion that lasts and avoids contributing to the environmental burden caused by the fashion industry.


How Can You Promote Sustainable Living in Singapore

Promoting sustainable living in Singapore can be achieved through various approaches. Firstly, raising awareness among the general public is crucial. Educational campaigns, workshops, and public forums can be organized to highlight the importance of sustainable practices such as energy conservation, waste reduction, and responsible consumption. Emphasizing the positive impact of individual actions and providing practical tips can motivate individuals to adopt sustainable behaviors.

Secondly, the government can play a significant role in promoting sustainability. Implementing policies and regulations that support sustainable practices, such as incentivizing the use of renewable energy and promoting eco-friendly transportation, can make a significant impact. Additionally, the government can collaborate with businesses and communities to develop sustainability initiatives, such as providing subsidies for energy-efficient appliances or organizing recycling drives.

By combining these efforts, Singapore can create a culture of sustainability that encourages individuals, businesses, and communities to make conscious choices that reduce their ecological footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save energy at home in Singapore?

You can save energy at home in Singapore by using energy-efficient appliances, switching to LED lights, optimizing air conditioning usage, and practicing habits like turning off lights and appliances when not in use.

How can I reduce water consumption in Singapore?

To reduce water consumption in Singapore, adopt water-saving habits such as taking shorter showers, fixing leaks promptly, collecting and reusing rainwater for plants, and using water-efficient appliances like low-flow showerheads and toilets.

How can I practice sustainable transportation in Singapore?

In Singapore, you can practice sustainable transportation by opting for public transportation, carpooling, cycling, or walking whenever possible. Alternatively, consider using electric vehicles or hybrid cars.

How can I support sustainable food choices in Singapore?

Support sustainable food choices in Singapore by consuming locally sourced, organic produce, reducing food waste through mindful meal planning and proper storage, and supporting farmers’ markets and sustainable food businesses.

How can I contribute to sustainable fashion in Singapore?

Contribute to sustainable fashion in Singapore by shopping for ethically produced and eco-friendly clothing, supporting local and sustainable fashion brands, and practicing responsible clothing care and disposal.

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