8 of the Top 3D Printing Services in Singapore

8 of the Top 3D Printing Services in Singapore

In recent years, 3D printing has become a revolutionary technology that has completely changed many fields and opened up a world of endless possibilities. Singapore is known for having a strong innovation ecosystem, and it has quickly become a hub for both 3D printing hobbyists and pros. This modern city-state has a wide range of cutting-edge facilities and services. This gives hobbyists, businesses, and creators a lot of ways to explore the possibilities of this game-changing technology.

The goal of this piece is to look at the top eight 3D printing services in Singapore, where precision, innovation, and excellence all come together in a seamless way. These businesses, which are known for their advanced prototyping and custom production, use additive manufacturing to meet a wide range of needs. Join us on an exciting journey as we explore the top of 3D printing in Singapore, showing their skills and pushing the limits of what people can imagine.

Key Consideration Factors 

At Steriluxe, we know how important it is to give our readers correct and trustworthy information. So, our selection method is carefully put together to find the best entities in certain fields. When making our list, one of the most important things we look at is how people rate things on Google and Facebook. By looking at feedback from real clients, we make sure that our reviews are fair and reliable for our readers. These scores tell us a lot about how happy customers are with the service as a whole and how good the service is.


Best 3D Printing Services in Singapore

ZELTA3D – 3D Printing Singapore

ZELTA 3D is the best company in Singapore for commercial 3D printing. They do this by using cutting-edge technologies and their own software and hardware automation systems. With their knowledge, they can make high-quality parts out of a wide range of materials and finish them to an automobile standard in a very short amount of time, sometimes as little as one business day.

Their skills let businesses easily grow their manufacturing operations, from making a single part to filling orders with up to 1,000 parts in just a few days. As leaders in this field, they are still very dedicated to pushing the digitalization of manufacturing and leading the rise of industrial 3D printing in Singapore.

>> Company Details

Website  https://www.zelta3d.com/
Address 18 Boon Lay Way, #08-134 Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966
Contact +65 6259 3309
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM

>> What Impresses Us

  • Swift turnaround time
  • Focus on digitalizing manufacturing processes
  • Leading provider of industrial 3D Printing services in Singapore

>> Testimonial

"The fabricated parts exhibit impeccable finishing and their quality aligns perfectly with all my expectations. The support staff are exceedingly cooperative and responsive, catering to specific packaging and delivery requests. Every phone call receives prompt attention, with no prolonged waiting periods. The revamped online system is equally rapid and efficient. Following my initial 3D print experience with ZELTA, I ceased collaboration with my Chinese printer, transferring all my 3D print projects to ZELTA. - Anne (Google Review)"


Additive3D Asia

Additive3D Asia stands out as the best place to go in Singapore for all your 3D printing and additive manufacturing needs. As an all-in-one solution provider, they offer a full range of services, from coming up with ideas to making the end product. Their skilled team is ready to handle every step of the process, from making a 3D copy of the first prototype to making precise goods with perfect finishes. With their knowledge of additive manufacturing, they make sure that the best materials are used to make the goods.

They guarantee high quality standards, which are backed up by their ISO9001:2015 certification, which gives them the tools they need to meet strict legal requirements. Every material they use is carefully picked and evaluated by hand to get certification, which makes it easier to make parts that meet industry standards. Their wide range of industrial materials, which includes ABS, PLA, ULTEM resins, PP, PA12, and TPU, gives them a lot of ways to make great goods.

>> Company Details

Website  https://additive3dasia.com/
Address 7 Kallang Pl, #02-05, Singapore 339153
Contact +65 6635 2265
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 10 AM – 6 PM

>> What Impresses Us

  • Offers an alternative to conventional manufacturing methodologies
  • Proficiency in handling end-to-end product creation
  • Holds ISO9001:2015 certification guaranteeing unparalleled quality

>> Testimonial

"Unparalleled service! Exceptional support, with special mention to Ms. Paulene! I’ve availed their service for multiple orders, and each one has culminated in impeccable results. The 3D printing models undergo meticulous scrutiny and verification prior to the print process. Any detected discrepancies are promptly communicated and resolved. - Bao (Google Review)"


3D Print Singapore

3DPS LLP provides high-quality 3D printing services in Singapore with speed and accuracy that can't be beat. As the best professional 3D printing service, they offer a wide range of custom solutions to meet each client's specific needs. From development to mass production, their cutting-edge technology and advanced printing methods change the way people think about design and manufacturing. Their skilled team works closely together to understand your needs and make your ideas come to life. They are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.

3DPS LLP goes beyond just 3D printing by introducing new ways to use the technology, such as for visual marketing, developing consumer products, modeling architecture, and improving the efficiency of production and industrial processes. This lets companies make interesting copies and prototypes of their products, giving customers more choices and helping builders make models that are both cost-effective and detailed. Their expertise includes aerospace and defense, as well as research and development. They give lightweight and strong parts, as well as rapid prototyping to speed up innovation.

With extra services like 3D scanning and design, PCB manufacturing, laser cutting, CNC machining, software development, industrial design, and consulting, 3DPS LLP becomes the one place in Singapore to go for all professional 3D printing needs.

>> Company Details

Website  https://www.3dprintsingapore.com/
Address 970 Toa Payoh N, #01-18, Singapore 318992
Contact +65 8030 3500
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 9 AM – 6 PM

>> What Impresses Us

  • Employment of advanced printing methodologies
  • Comprehensive spectrum of services
  • Customized solutions for unique requirements


"The individuals here are exceptional! Authentic 3D prints and extraordinary service! As a newcomer to 3D printing, I was patiently guided through the technical aspects by them. They offered recommendations for the optimal approach for my project, encompassing material selection, quality considerations, and print duration. They ensured I received the finest iterations of my prints possible! Wholeheartedly recommended! - Mervyn (Google Review)"

Siege Advanced Manufacturing

At Siege Advanced Manufacturing, which is based in Singapore, 3D printing is the core of their business. With a group of highly advanced and reliable 3D printers and powerful 3D printing management software, they say they can make things as fast as Singapore's injection molding factory lines. They have prices that are affordable, which makes 3D printing a cheap way to make things in small to medium quantities. Their goal is to price themselves the same as injection molding, which would make them one of the most cost-effective 3D printing service companies for mass production in Singapore.

They also know that quality is the most important thing, which is clear from the fact that they only use the highly regarded Original Prusa i3 MK2S 3D printer for making. This printer got good reviews from 3D Hubs, and MAKE magazine named it the Best Printer. Their strict testing process makes sure that only goods that meet their high standards leave the factory floor.

With 18 Original Prusa i3 MK2S 3D printers in their fleet, they keep an incredibly short turnaround time, which can be as short as 6 hours. Also, their startup effort makes it easier to make parts on demand. Lastly, they have a complicated system of hardware and software that controls and coordinates all of their 3D printers. This makes it easy to handle large quantities.

>> Company Details

Website  https://www.siegeadvancedmanufacturing.com/
Address 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 Lobby A, #06-05, Singapore 569511
Contact +65 9846 0876
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 9 AM – 8 PM

>> What Impresses Us

  • Fleet comprising of highly advanced and dependable 3D printers
  • Price optimization for mass manufacturing spanning low to mid-quantity ranges
  • Swift turnaround facilitated by a fleet of 18 3D printers

>> Testimonial

"Enjoyed a fantastic experience with Siege AM! CJ provided patient, affable, and professional service. Highly recommended for high-quality customizable 3D prints. I will undoubtedly revert to them whenever the need arises. - Nicholas (Google Review)"

Chemtron Pte Ltd

Since its founding in 1996, Chemtron Pte Ltd has been at the front of the pack when it comes to bringing and integrating new technologies into the market. Its motto is "Inspired by Innovation." Their mission is to provide clients with useful technologies and solutions, and they are proud to give a wide range of cutting-edge options.

Their products have had a big effect on many different markets, such as manufacturing, medicine, jewelry, aircraft, and dentistry. Because their clients trust and support them, they have been able to successfully implement their solutions in major institutions and businesses across Southeast Asia. Their team is driven by a desire to break down barriers, so they always embrace new technologies and use them well in their processes to push innovation forward.

>> Company Details

Website  https://www.chemtron.asia/
Address 203A Henderson Road, #02-03 Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore 159546
Contact +65 6273 7252
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 9 AM – 6 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM – 12 PM

>> What Impresses Us

  • Expansive portfolio comprising innovative solutions
  • Staunch trust and backing from clientele
  • Adeptness in adopting and executing pivotal technologies

>> Testimonial

"Exceptional post-sales service and an all-in-one destination for diverse needs. Highly recommend this to everyone. - Mustafa (Google Review)"

3D Generation

3D Generation Pte Ltd is an expert in commercial-grade large-format 3D printing. They offer turnkey projects and solutions that include everything you need. They offer a wide range of services, such as 3D consulting, modeling, printing, CNC, vacuum casting, prototyping, injection molding, 3D scanning, and more. They help customers with everything from the idea to the final product. As a customer-focused business, they work with anyone who wants to turn ideas into digitally made goods.

With a wide range of materials at their hands, they can meet a wide range of needs, no matter how big they are. Their commitment to greatness shows through their ability to meet a wide range of 3D printing needs with their wide range of services.

>> Company Details

Website  https://www.3dgeneration.sg/
Address 87 Defu Lane 10, #03-10, Singapore 539219
Contact +65 6493 2688
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 10 AM – 6 PM

>> What Impresses Us

  • Specialization in commercial-grade large format 3D printing
  • Client-centric approach
  • Timely and professional project delivery

>> Testimonial

"Highly efficient and top-notch service. I interacted with Johnson, who was immensely professional and affable. A challenge that had persisted for months with another company regarding a 3D printer was diagnosed and resolved within hours. Definitely recommend their services. - Justin (Google Review)"


iCreate.3D is very proud of how it helps people turn their thoughts into real things. As the leader in coming up with ideas, clients put their trust in iCreate and give them their ideas.3D brings these ideas to life by using the skills of 3D printing technologies. Their constant drive comes from seeing how happy their clients are when their ideas become real.

This happiness, which shows resounding pleasure, is the ultimate reward and shows how committed iCreate.3D is. "Your idea, I make" is more than just a motto for iCreate.3D; it's what the company is all about. As sellers of 3D printers and service providers for 3D printing, they are well-suited to be a valued partner on the road to success.

>> Company Details

Website  https://www.3dgeneration.sg/
Address 38 Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 2, #03-34, Singapore 569511
Contact +65 9030 5133
Operating Hours Daily 9 AM – 10 PM

>> What Impresses Us

  • Ideation-centric approach
  • Seamless transition from concept to reality
  • Utmost priority given to customer satisfaction

>> Testimonial

"Collaborated with Yuan Bei from iCreate.3D on multiple occasions. Each time, she delivered impeccably! Exceptional quality and customer service. Responds promptly and is proactive. She even offered to reprint when a piece did not meet my requirements. Thank you, Yuan Bei and iCreate.3D. Expect more collaborations! - Ivan (Google Review)"

ELH Tech

Since it was started in 2009, ELH Tech has become a leader in the field of Additive Manufacturing, reaching many important milestones along the way. Their wide range of services includes Reverse Engineering, 3D printing, Product Design and Development, Conformal Cooling and Topology Optimization, CNC Machining Processes, and Post Processing. There is no doubt that ELH Tech knows a lot about prototyping options.

The company can print on both metal and plastics in-house, so it can meet the needs of a wide range of customers. They have access to a wide range of technologies, and their strategic relationships with industry leaders in Additive Manufacturing help them do even better work. ELH Tech has a lot of experience in a wide range of industries, so it has been able to adapt many parts for AM and provide on-demand manufacturing solutions that have made over 5,000 customers happy.

Their dedication to excellence is clear from the fact that they have made over 800,000 parts with their cutting-edge equipment, which includes 20 machines in-house. With more than 12 years of joint experience in Additive Manufacturing, ELH Tech continues to push the limits of innovation and help the industry move forward.

>> Company Details

Website  https://elh3d.com/
Address 10 Tampines North Drive 4, #03-07 JTC Space@Tampines North, Singapore 528553
Contact +65 9388 6658
Operating Hours Monday 8 AM – 6:30 PM
Tuesday to Friday 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM

>> What Impresses Us

  • Access to a wide range of technologies
  • Expertise spanning various industry verticals
  • On-demand manufacturing capabilities

>> Testimonial

"Superb service, Johnson from ELH Tech was very friendly and efficient, provided prompt response and clear explanation. Highly recommend! - Grace (Google Review)"

Insights on 3D Printing in Singapore

Singapore is a thriving center for 3D printing, thanks to strong government programs and a strong environment for innovation. The city-state shows how 3D printing can be used in many different fields, such as aerospace, healthcare, and automobiles. Businesses, individuals, and hobbyists can use 3D printing services that are easy to get to. These services use cutting-edge equipment and materials to make customized and personal goods. Singapore is ready to lead the way in additive manufacturing because it is good at rapid prototyping and has a mindset of working together. This will change the way things are made and encourage innovation. Singapore is getting ready to use 3D printing as a powerful tool to change the way industries work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which materials are suitable for 3D printing purposes in Singapore?

The materials available for 3D printing in Singapore encompass plastics, resins, metals, ceramics, and even food-safe substances.

  • Are there restrictions regarding the dimensions of items that can be 3D printed in Singapore?

The printable size of objects in Singapore hinges on the capabilities of the employed 3D printer. Some printers can handle sizable objects, whereas others are constrained to smaller dimensions.

  • Is it feasible to produce functional parts through 3D printing in Singapore?

Absolutely, Singapore supports the 3D printing of functional parts. Numerous industries, like aerospace and automotive sectors, leverage this technology to create functional prototypes and components for end-use applications.

  • Which software is popularly utilized for designing 3D models in Singapore?

In Singapore, widely used software for crafting 3D models includes Autodesk Fusion 360, SolidWorks, Rhino, and Blender.

  • What is the typical duration for 3D printing an object in Singapore?

The time necessary for 3D printing varies based on factors such as the complexity, size of the object, and the chosen printing technique. Small objects may complete printing within a few hours, while larger and intricate designs could take several days.

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