7 Singapore Bloggers Shed Light on Mental Health

7 Singapore Bloggers Shed Light on Mental Health

In a world that often tries to hide the complexities of mental health, there are brave people who have chosen to break the silence and talk about their stories of resilience. Come with us as we learn more about mental health through the stories of seven amazing Singaporean writers. This inspiring collection of personal stories shows the victories, struggles, and raw feelings that come with navigating the complexities of mental health. From dealing with anxiety to taking care of oneself, their real words offer comfort, understanding, and motivation to anyone who has struggled with mental health issues.

Let's jump right in and not wait any longer.

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7 Inspirational Singaporean Bloggers Unveiling Their Mental Health Journeys

Our Better World

In 2011, the founders of Our Better World recognized the transformative potential of narratives to incite action, particularly in the domain of mental health.

Amidst the surge of smartphones, social media, and the Arab Spring movement, they discerned unnoticed instances of compassion across Asia and a pressing requirement for guidance in addressing mental health challenges. This realization kindled the mission of the foundation: to employ narratives as a catalyst for transformation.

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At Our Better World, paramount importance is attached to consent and accuracy in their storytelling process. They diligently secure consent from all involved parties, ensuring the shared information is validated for accuracy. When engaging with minors, consent is unfailingly obtained from parents or legal guardians. While monetary compensation for story contributions is not offered, a nominal sum might occasionally be extended to defray costs. Interviewees consistently affirm their consent for on-record interviews, and all facts are rigorously scrutinized prior to publication.

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Kaya Toast For The Soul

This blog was started by Hernping. Having gone through some of the same struggles as many other people, he shares wise insights from his own study and exploration, weaving a fascinating tapestry of his life's events.

Hernping's goal is to help other Singaporeans improve their mental health, find happiness, and live in harmony.

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Hernping has created a group of people with similar interests called IASH.SG. It is a safe place where people can talk to trained peer supports one-on-one. IASH.SG also organizes fun mental health events, led by Hernping and a team of dedicated volunteers, that are a great addition to this important resource. This project aims to build friendships and encourage honest conversations about mental health. It goes beyond traditional ways of getting help to give a more complete approach to well-being.

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Tapestry Project


The Tapestry Project SG is a free, non-profit web magazine that promotes education, empowerment, and early intervention in mental health. The group supports these important things through its platform by collecting and sharing first-person accounts and doing therapeutic narrative journaling.

The Tapestry Project SG is always working to raise awareness and break down stigmas about mental health. It does this by creating a welcoming and helpful community where people can find comfort, inspiration, and tools to help them on their own mental wellness journeys.

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Their goal is to make the world a place where mental health is treated with compassion and understanding. By promoting knowledge, education, and removing stigma, they give people the tools they need to get help, find their voice, and live happy lives. Their goal is to make real changes that make the world a more caring and loving place for everyone.

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Sabrina Ooi

Sabrina Ooi emerges as a mental health advocate and a lived experience expert, leading with inquisitiveness, empathy, and valor. Possessing a profound understanding of bipolar disorder, depression, and suicide awareness, she harnesses her personal voyage to illuminate these pivotal subjects. Sabrina not only speaks on these matters but also facilitates meaningful mental health conversations for diverse organizations.

Through her keynote addresses and hosting roles, she endeavors to establish a secure and all-encompassing space for individuals to openly share their struggles and discover support.

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Sabrina holds the mantle of CEO and Co-Founder at Calm Collective Asia, an organization committed to normalizing mental health dialogues in Asia. This platform serves as a crucial conduit for individuals to connect, share experiences, and acquire invaluable knowledge. By nurturing an atmosphere of openness and empathy, Sabrina dismantles barriers and significantly impacts the perception of mental health within the region.

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Established in 2011 by Dr. Munidasa Winslow, Promises Healthcare extends a comprehensive spectrum of psychiatric, psychological, and physical well-being services to individuals of all age groups. Employing a multidisciplinary methodology, their team administers holistic care grounded in cutting-edge, clinically verified protocols from neuroscience and psychology.

Their expertise lies in mental health and addictions, affording treatments for anxiety, depression, anger management, child and adolescent psychology, family and marriage therapy, and forensic psychiatry and psychology. Furthermore, their blog imparts insights into mental health.

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In conjunction with their services, they cultivate a blog that addresses an array of mental health issues. This blog strives to foster awareness and debunk the misconception that mental health struggles are shameful or insignificant. Through their blog, they extend a helping hand to those silently grappling with mental health concerns.

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A Kind Place

Sze Jin, a Registered Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor, extends an open invitation to A Kind Place, a sanctuary she conceived for therapists and clients seeking accessible therapy. Her blog also delves into diverse mental health matters and their viable resolutions.

With an array of experiences and a vision of a self-reliant community, Sze Jin endeavors to offer a nurturing space where individuals can embark on their journey to enhanced mental well-being.

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A Kind Place has played a pivotal role in heightening awareness and aiding others in attaining a deeper comprehension of their struggles. Through their therapeutic support and the reliability of their blog, clients and readers have undergone a rejuvenation, rediscovering vitality, hope, and renewed confidence to embrace life.

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Levitise emerges as Singapore's solitary all-encompassing health and well-being center tailored for senior executives, presenting a comprehensive array of services aimed at enriching and optimizing their way of life.

With a focus on personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching, corrective exercise, and personal training, Levitise presents an innovative approach to enhancing senior executive well-being.

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Beyond their expansive service range, Levitise extends its outreach through its insightful blog, transcending conventional offerings. With a focus on bolstering mental resilience, this blog functions as a platform to aid readers in effectively managing the rigors of daily life. Through engaging and enlightening articles, the blog furnishes practical suggestions, strategies, and guidance to empower readers in navigating and overcoming various challenges they may encounter.

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Nurturing a Mindful Journey: Cultivating Mental Well-Being

To develop and keep a healthy mind, you should put yourself first by doing things that make you happy and calm down. This can include exercise, meditation, spending time in nature, or doing things you enjoy. Encourage positive thoughts and question negative thought patterns, replacing them with beliefs that are helpful and empowering. Surround yourself with good things, like encouraging friends and media that makes you feel good.

Also, effective ways to deal with stress, like deep breathing exercises and setting clear limits, can help your mental health. Remember that taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the prevalence of mental health problems in Singapore?

Mental health problems are widespread in Singapore, as indicated by studies revealing that one out of every seven individuals will encounter a mental health issue at some point in their lives.

  • Are there available groups to provide assistance for individuals dealing with mental health problems in Singapore?

Indeed, in Singapore, there are support groups accessible for individuals grappling with mental health issues. Organizations such as the Singapore Association for Mental Health and the Institute of Mental Health may offer support groups or provide information about accessible resources.

  • How can I provide support to a family member or friend with a mental health issue?

Demonstrate understanding, actively listen, and motivate them to seek professional assistance. Educate yourself about their specific condition, refrain from passing judgment, and extend your support and empathy.

  • Can excessive stress contribute to mental health problems?

Yes, prolonged or extreme stress can contribute to the emergence or exacerbation of mental health problems. Effectively managing stress through healthy coping strategies and seeking assistance when necessary is crucial.

  • Is it feasible to recover from a mental health issue?

Absolutely, recuperation from a mental health issue is achievable. Through suitable treatment, support, and self-care, individuals can experience notable amelioration in their symptoms, regain mastery over their lives, and lead rewarding and purposeful lives.

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