5 of the Best Mooncake in Singapore During Mooncake Festival 2023

5 of the Best Mooncake in Singapore During Mooncake Festival 2023

As the soft breezes of fall caress the Lion City, Singapore's food scene goes through a delightful change. With the Mooncake Festival coming up, the air is filled with the sweet smell of mooncakes, which have become an important part of this yearly event. If you want to find the best mooncakes in Singapore, you are in for a luxurious experience.

Join us on a trip of tastes as we show you the top five places in Singapore where you can get the best mooncakes. From classic tastes to new creations, these places are the epitome of heaven-sent indulgence. They offer a wide range of tastes that will enchant both the most keen connoisseur and the most curious palate. Get on this food adventure as we explore Singapore's mooncake haven in search of its celestial treats.

Key Consideration Factors

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Finest Mooncake Singapore

Durian Law

Durian Law shows off the Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncake, which is famous for having a soft, silky outside. Each mooncake has a luxurious creaminess and chewiness that goes well with its taste. This restaurant only works with the best A-class Mao Shan Wang wines, and what's even more surprising is that? There is no gluten, animal products, or gelatin in these mooncakes. Your needs will be met without making you feel bad.

>> Company details

Website  https://www.instagram.com/durian_law/?hl=en 
Address Refer to the website
Contact + 65 8125 4277
Operating hours Refer to the website

>> What we admire

  • Creamy and chewy exterior, imparting a delightful texture
  • Distinctive taste and mouthfeel for dessert enthusiasts
  • Uncompromising quality of mooncakes and ingredients

>> Testimonial

"The mooncakes are a delight with their QQ mochi-like skin and generous fillings. The Chocolate mooncake is a favorite among the kids. The durian puff fillings are rich and creamy, devoid of artificial flavors. Highly recommended." - Ray (Google review)


InterContinental Singapore

For treat lovers, the InterContinental Singapore is the best place to go for beautifully made snow skin mooncakes. Imagine that these creations are filled with chocolate truffles and tea-inspired tastes that are both traditional and floral. What's in the box? Elegant tins with designs of flowers and birds on them. Now, let's talk about the tastes. The Negroni Truffle Snow Skin Mooncake has a white lotus seed paste and negroni splendor in the middle. Don't worry, people who don't drink, because there are also Thai Cheese Milk Tea, Sea Salt Caramel Rose, and Passionfruit Earl Grey mooncakes on the menu.

>> Company details

Website  https://www.ihg.com/intercontinental/hotels/us/en/singapore/sinhb/hoteldetail?cm_mmc=GoogleMaps-_-IC-_-SG-_-SINHB
Address  80 Middle Road Singapore 188966 Singapore
Contact +65 6338 7600
Operating hours Open at all times

>> What we favor

  • Elegantly designed keepsake tins featuring floral motifs
  • Innovative spectrum of flavors
  • Seamless fusion of traditional and contemporary taste profiles

>> Testimonial

"Being a vegetarian Indian visiting a Cantonese restaurant for the second time, I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Joanne, who adeptly recommended delightful dishes. This prompted me to opt for take-away as well. See you again on my next visit. Wishing you all a joyful Mooncake Festival!" - Sandeep (Google review)


Bread Garden

Bread Garden has an amazing variety of mooncake tastes that are so delicious that you can't say no. Each item is carefully and lovingly made by hand, and there are no ingredients that could be questioned. The focus here is on making their mooncakes with high-quality ingredients. There is a wide range of flavors that go well with the taste buds of Singaporeans. Also, these mooncakes are more than just food; they come in beautiful boxes that give off an air of beauty. The Snowy Skin Grandeur Set is worth mentioning, and Cheesy Royale and Nutty Sesame, which come in both baked and snow skin versions, are an exciting new addition. A tasty treat for sure!

>> Company details

Website  https://www.breadgarden.com.sg/
Address  Block 283 Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 #01-257 Singapore, Singapore 650283
Contact  Multiple branches (refer to the website)
Operating hours  Monday to Sunday 7:00 am – 10:00 am

>> What we appreciate

  • Diverse range of irresistible handcrafted mooncake flavors
  • Exclusive use of premium ingredients
  • Elegantly packaged, ideal for gifting

>> Testimonial

"Absolutely delicious mooncakes. I've been a loyal customer for years, and I unfailingly order from them annually. Highly recommended: Mao Shan Wang mooncake, Golden Royale, and Yuzu Mango mooncake." - Jeremy (Google review)

Kam’s Roast

Attention, people who like ducks! The Kam's Roast Assorted Nuts with Roast Duck Mooncake is a new product that will make your taste buds dance. Yes, you read that right: there is roast duck inside a mooncake. Still, that's not all they have to offer. The Red Dates Longan Mooncake, the Almond Egg Custard Mooncake, and the Coconut Egg Yolk Mooncake, all from Hong Kong, are also on their menu. A symphony of tastes that are about to explode!

>> Company details

Website  https://kamsroast.com.sg/
Address 78 Airport Blvd, #02 – 210 Jewel Changi Airport Mall, Singapore 819666
Contact +65 6513 3718
Operating hours Monday to Thursday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday to Sunday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

 >> What we find captivating

  • Marriage of traditional roast duck with pioneering mooncake concepts
  • Wide spectrum of flavors catering to diverse preferences
  • Harmonious interplay of savory and sweet under a single mooncake brand

Chui Lau Heung

This is a great place for people who like durian. Since 2005, Chui Lau Heung has been making sweets and cakes with celestial durian as the main ingredient. Their mooncakes that look like snow are famous all over Asia. This business is always committed to doing its best and giving great service. Surprisingly, they have become one of the top five mooncake names in Hong Kong, and people from the U.S. to Macau love them. Their dedication is unwavering, to be sure!

>> Company details

Website  https://www.facebook.com/chuilauheung/
Address 61 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 #02-29 Kaki Bukit Estate, Singapore 417943
Contact +65 6844 0208
Operating hours Monday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday to Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

>> What we hold in esteem

  • Wide assortment of innovative durian-based creations
  • Devoted commitment to exceptional customer service
  • Consistent dedication to superior quality and flavors

A Guide to Enjoying Mooncakes in Singapore

Singapore is a great place to enjoy mooncakes, especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival, when these traditional treats are very popular. Here's how you can enjoy mooncakes in Singapore to the fullest:

Understand the Meaning: Mooncakes are a big part of the Mid-Autumn Festival and stand for family meetings and coming together. Take a moment to learn about the cultural significance of mooncakes and the holiday itself before you eat one.

Explore Different Flavors: Mooncakes come in many different classic and modern flavors. Traditional choices include red bean paste and lotus seed paste, while newer versions include everything from durian to chocolate. Give in to your adventurous side and try out different tastes to find your favorite.

Share the Joy: People often share mooncakes with their families, friends, and coworkers. Get a variety of mooncakes to share with your family and friends and enjoy the happiness of being together during the event.

Harmonize with Tea: Mooncakes are usually eaten with tea, which cuts the sweetness of the cake. Choose Chinese teas with tastes that go well with the mooncakes, like jasmine tea, pu-erh tea, or oolong tea.

Participate in Holiday Events: During the Mid-Autumn Festival, parties and events happen all over Singapore. Find events with mooncake tastings, lantern displays, and cultural acts to get into the spirit of the holiday.

Give Gifts: During the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes are often given as gifts. You could spread the holiday cheer by giving a beautifully decorated box of mooncakes to friends, family, or coworkers.

Take in the Scenery: If you're in Singapore during the Mid-Autumn Festival, take a leisurely walk through parks, gardens, or along the water, where lantern displays and cultural shows create a lively atmosphere.

Respect the Traditions: Modern versions of mooncakes are becoming more famous, but don't forget to enjoy the traditional versions as well. Many people love the original lotus seed paste with salted egg yolks.

Keep in mind that enjoying mooncakes is about more than just the taste. It's a journey through culture and a time spent with people you care about. Immerse yourself in the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoy every bite of these delicious treats.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some prevalent mooncake flavors in Singapore?

Common flavors encompass lotus seed paste, red bean paste, black sesame, and mixed nuts. Contemporary twists include flavors like durian, matcha, and even chocolate.

  • Can mooncakes be enjoyed outside of the Mid-Autumn Festival timeframe?

While mooncakes are most closely associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival, numerous establishments in Singapore offer mooncakes for purchase before and after the festival as well.

  • How are mooncakes packaged in Singapore?

Mooncakes are frequently packaged in ornate boxes, often featuring intricate designs or traditional motifs, rendering them ideal as presents.

  • Are mooncakes gluten-free?

Conventional mooncakes contain gluten due to their wheat-based pastry shell; however, select bakeries provide gluten-free alternatives.

  • What is the significance of the salted egg yolk present in certain mooncakes?

The inclusion of salted egg yolk frequently symbolizes the full moon and represents family reunification during the Mooncake Festival.

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