5 Awesome Shops for Party Supplies in Singapore 2023

5 Awesome Shops for Party Supplies in Singapore 2023

Are you ready to throw a party that people will talk about for years? Stop looking! Singapore has a lively party scene, and in 2023, there are more exciting ways than ever to get the best party supplies. We have everything you need to organize a birthday party, a baby shower, or any other kind of special event. In this piece, we'll tell you about the top 5 places in Singapore to buy party supplies, making it easier for you to plan the perfect event. Get ready for your event to become something special and memorable!

Key Consideration Factors

At Steriluxe, we know how important it is to give our readers information that is correct and reliable. That's why we put a lot of stock in our selection process when it comes to finding the best of the best in a certain field. Ratings on Google and Facebook are one of the most important things we think about when making our list. By carefully looking at feedback from real customers, we make sure that our readers have access to real reviews that are not biased. These scores tell us about how happy a company's customers are in general and about the quality of their services.

Finest Party Supplies in Singapore


Spotlight is an artistic haven for people who like to be creative and want to add a little magic to the world. Use their confetti, streamers, banners, and more to decorate your area. Enjoy the fun of making things yourself while making candies and decorating cakes with your young helpers. Spotlight has a wide range of necessities, including chocolate molds, cake boards, party lights, and a lot more. Bring out a bunch of bows that look like they go on for miles and a lot of gift wraps and cellos to make your gifts sparkle.

>> Corporate Details

Website  https://www.spotlightstores.com/sg/party 
Location Plaza Singapura Level 5, 68 Orchard Road Singapore 238839
Contact +65 6733 9808
Operating Hours Open Daily 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

>> Distinctive Attributes

  • Authorized and standard bags and boxes
  • Diverse assortment of gift wraps and cellos
  • Range of craft supplies to nurture bonds

>> Testimonial

An ideal destination for all your party needs. Delighted to have found Easter supplies. A wide variety to choose from, accompanied by enticing promotions – a striking 40% discount. A true steal! -Mel (Google review)


Now, if you'd rather go shopping in a mall than do it online, Party With Us has made Bukit Timah Plaza the ultimate party paradise. Immerse yourself in a world full of costumes, flowers, party supplies, and other fun things. With more than 200 outfits to choose from, it's easy to turn your child into their favorite character, like a superhero or a Disney character. And don't worry, adults aren't left out in the cold; you can also get great gifts for your grown-up friends.

>> Corporate Details

Website  http://partywithus.com.sg/ 
Location #01-14/17/25/26, 176 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238843
Contact +65 9818 0279
Operating Hours Open Daily 10:30 am – 6:30 pm

>> Distinctive Attributes

  • A diverse array of thematic options
  • A variety of party favors and giveaways
  • A comprehensive emporium for all party requisites

>> Testimonial

Reach out via WhatsApp with your requisites and retrieve your chosen item within a matter of hours. Their assortment includes an array of birthday balloons. A team of amiable individuals offering superior products at an attractive price point – my wholehearted recommendation! -Vinh (Google review)


Are you ready for a big piata-pounding party? You'll be covered in fun at Party City. You can look through a variety of themes, like Disney Princesses, Pirates, and even the magical world of horses. For big events like Mardi Gras and New Year's as well as special occasions like Baby Showers and Graduation Day, your needs are met.

>> Corporate Details

Website  http://www.partycity.sg/ 
Location Party City Pte Ltd 211 Holland Ave #02-23 Holland Road Shopping Centre Singapore 278967
Contact +65 6462 6011
Operating Hours Monday to Saturday: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

>> Distinctive Attributes

  • A vast array of character-themed essentials
  • Selections designed for prominent festivities and holidays
  • Convenient array of supplies to complement diverse themes

>> Testimonial

Utmost appreciation for the shop's staff – their service is truly unparalleled, and their demeanor the sweetest. Heartfelt thanks for your unwavering assistance with my party planning needs! -Jing Ying Lim (Google review)


So, you're looking for the coolest things to bring to your child's party to make it a blast? Kidz Party Store is the only place you need to go. They have three great packages of balloons for you to choose from. Their most expensive package, which costs S$169, is like a party blast in a box. This deal includes a beautiful bouquet of balloons, bouquets for the entrances, a variety of helium-filled balloons, a personalized photo banner, and delivery right to your door. Face painting is fun, and little Picassos can show off their artistic skills for those who like a little friendly competition. Who will be the best at face painting? Let the celebrations begin!

>> Corporate Details

Website   https://kidzpartystore.com/ 
Location Kidz Party Store, 37 Kallang Pudding Road, Tong Lee Building, Blk B, #04-03, Singapore 349315, Singapore
Contact +65 9667 3664
Operating Hours Open Daily 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

>> Distinctive Attributes

  • Effortless delivery service
  • Enjoyable face-painting activities
  • Uniquely captivating thank-you gift choices

>> Testimonial

A heartfelt expression of gratitude to kidzpartystore! We extend our appreciation for going the extra mile to assist us in delighting a young patient with the charming anna balloon gift we ordered. -Pauline (Google review)


Now, let me introduce you to Ministry of Party, who knows everything there is to know about parties. Edwin Goh, who is known as the "party virtuoso," is the one who came up with the idea for this place. They have put together a lot of parties, so they have a large collection of children's party items and can even take care of your whole party. Choose a package that's already been made, or let them make a unique plan that will blow everyone away. Need a magician, a clown, or someone who makes paper animals? They have the skills you need for your party to really shine.

>> Corporate Details

Website  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100070286561095 
Location 75B Redhill Rd, #29-68 152075 Block 75B, Singapore 152075
Contact +65 9857 6666
Operating Hours Refer to the official website

>> Distinctive Attributes

  • Tailored pre-made and personalized party packages
  • Arrangement and setup services for the venue
  • Proficiency in both children's and adult's gatherings

Essential Party Supplies in Singapore

To throw a successful party, you need a number of important supplies that will make the atmosphere exciting and fun for your guests. These important party needs include invites or digital event reminders that are creatively made and set the tone for the party. For a festive atmosphere, use balloons of different sizes and colors, flags, garlands, streamers, centerpieces, and stylish tablecloths or runners as decorations. Tableware like plates, bowls, cups, napkins, and silverware should be easy to get, and eco-friendly or reusable options should be given preference.

The food and drink section deserves careful attention because it includes a wide range of appetizers, main dishes, and drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Don't forget to get a delicious cake or a variety of cupcakes, as well as dessert plates and the right tools. To keep the energy level high, make a well-thought-out playlist of music and think about options for entertainment like interactive games, a photo booth, or even a fun singing setup. Give party gifts or goodie bags to your guests and make sure they have comfortable places to sit with chairs and cushions. Lighting, like string lights, candles, or even new LED options, adds to the atmosphere.

To keep people safe and make things easy, you can provide trash cans, recycling bins, a full first-aid kit, and a place for people to put their own things. When they go with the theme, themed items add an extra layer of charm. Memories can be kept alive with the help of a camera or a picture booth, and signs help guests find their way and feel welcome. Party games and activities, like playing board games or making crafts, keep the party going and keep people excited. In a guest book, people can write words that are important to them. In the end, making sure that these goods match your chosen theme and number of guests will make sure that everyone has a memorable and fun time at your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which types of party embellishments are well-liked for gatherings in Singapore?

Balloons, banners, and thematic ornaments stand out as favored selections. Singaporeans frequently opt for dynamic and vivid arrangements that mirror the party's chosen theme.

  • Can I find environmentally friendly party products in Singapore?

Absolutely, numerous establishments provide eco-conscious options like biodegradable plates, cups, utensils, and sustainable embellishments.

  • What are a few distinctive Singaporean concepts suitable for parties?

Incorporating Singaporean concepts might involve showcasing local cuisine, cultural festivities, or iconic landmarks such as the Marina Bay Sands.

  • When should I procure party supplies to ensure a smooth preparation process?

It's recommended to initiate your shopping a few weeks ahead to secure availability and allow ample time for any personalization.

  • What rank high on the list of preferred party mementos in Singapore?

Among the favored choices for party mementos in Singapore are indigenous delicacies, miniature keepsakes, and personalized keychains.

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