5 Awesome Barre Class in Singapore 2023

5 Awesome Barre Class in Singapore 2023

Wellness is changing in the same way that people's choices about how to live their lives are always changing. It's not strange that Singapore, which is known for jumping on new trends with both feet, has embraced the idea of barre with open arms. Join us as we explore the world of fitness and find out about Singapore's best barre class, which has won the hearts, minds, and bodies of exercise fans. From luxurious studios that take you to a world of elegance to high-energy sessions that leave you energized, these classes give you more than just a good workout. They let you escape into a world where strength and grace blend together in a seamless way.

Key Consideration Factors

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Top Barre Class Choices in Singapore


At WeBarre, their most popular class is a lively workout that combines ballet, yoga, pilates, and strength training in an interesting way. Basically, these different parts work together to help the body change. In these sessions, a mix of isometric holds and fluid moves are used to both test and improve strength in an elegant way.

>> Company Details

Website  https://www.webarre.com/
Address  Level 2, 5A Stanley Street, Singapore 068724
1 Zubir Said Drive, #02-01, SOTA, Singapore 227968
Contact  WeBarre Telok Ayer 65 6221 9256
Operating Hours Monday 10AM–2:30PM / 5–9:30PM
Tuesday 9AM–2:30PM / 4–9:30PM
Wednesday 9AM–2:30PM /5:30–9:45PM
Thursday 9:30AM–2:15PM / 5–9:45PM
Friday 9:30AM–2:15PM / 5–9:30PM
Saturday 8:30AM–4:30PM
Sunday 8:30AM–4PM

>> What We Appreciate

  • Integration of ballet, yoga, pilates, and strength training.
  • Dynamic regimen for comprehensive body transformation.
  • Integration of isometric challenges and graceful sequences.

>> Testimonial

"I had such a delightful and enjoyable morning! My initial encounter with a barre class, and not being a regular exerciser, yet it was highly informative. Swee adeptly guided the class, providing clear instructions and posture corrections. Highly recommended." - Dianne (Google review)


The goal at Barre2Barre is to combine dance, yoga, and Pilates into a single, amazing workout. The key is to use precise movements to activate muscles and create a deep link between mind and body. This combination leads to a lot of muscle growth and quick effects. At the end of each exercise, you feel refreshed and energized. They also have a lot of options, like barre teacher training, group classes, and one-on-one lessons.

>> Company Details

Website  https://barre2barre.com/
Address  3 Pickering St #03-02 Nankin Row | Staircase 1 Singapore 048660
Contact  +65 9115 9473
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 7:30am – 8:30pm
Saturday to Sunday: 9:30am – 11:30am

>> What We Appreciate

  • Muscle activation through intricate movements.
  • Nurturing of mental connections for enduring muscle growth.
  • Swift outcomes accompanied by a revitalized post-workout sensation.

>> Testimonial

"My initiation into barre, and I'm truly enamored! Participated in the mixed barre lesson, and instructor Soeun was wonderfully amiable and patient, providing lucid explanations for every exercise. She also imparted great encouragement, propelling the entire class. The class atmosphere was equally delightful. My inaugural barre experience turned out splendidly!" - Min Hui Lim (Google review)

Barre Lab by Lab Studios

You may have heard of Barre Lab by Lab Studios. They are experts at combining yoga, dance, and pilates in a way that makes everyone feel welcome, no matter how fit they are. When you walk into their bright, colorful space, you feel like you fit right away. There is a wide range of class levels, for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. Notably, their Barre Stretch class, which is open to people of all skill levels, helps people stretch gracefully past their limits, improving blood flow slowly to get the best form.

>> Company Details

Website  https://www.labstudios.com/barrelabacademy/

60b Duxton Rd, Singapore 089524

437 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427650

211 Holland Avenue, 02-38 Holland Rd, Shopping Centre, Singapore 278967

Contact + 65 8181 3476

60b Duxton Rd, Singapore 089524

437 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427650

211 Holland Avenue, 02-38 Holland Rd, Shopping Centre, Singapore 278967


+ 65 8181 3476

Operating Hours 

Multiple branches (refer to the website)

>> What We Appreciate

  • A welcoming ambiance imbued with vibrant hues.
  • Suited for all levels of fitness proficiency.
  • Tiered instructions spanning from beginner to advanced levels.

>> Testimonial

"I've been attending barre classes with Lab Studios for a few months now, and the sessions have consistently invigorated and rewarded me. A special shoutout to Yan Qing, who renders the fast-paced sessions comprehensible (albeit challenging!) through her precise instructions. Ashley (Google review)

Virgin Active

Virgin Active has a huge range of workouts that work every muscle group. With more than a hundred classes to choose from, you really are spoiled for choice. Their three barre classes are expertly made to shape the whole body. These lessons make sure that going to the barre is both effective and fun by combining dynamic movements with rhythmic music.

>> Company Details

Website  https://www.virginactive.com.sg/
Address  Multiple branches (refer to the website)
Contact  Multiple branches (refer to the website)
Operating Hours Multiple branches (refer to the website)

>> What We Appreciate

  • Diverse offerings encompassing three distinct barre classes.
  • Emphasis on comprehensive toning through choreographed routines.
  • Integration of dynamic maneuvers synchronized with music.

>> Testimonial

"I thoroughly relish my pilates classes with Sophia! She exudes passion and care while conducting the class. She meticulously corrects forms and encourages continuous improvement. The varied movements inject freshness and excitement into each session. I'm equally enthused about her barre class in Holland V—a distinct genre, yet equally exhilarating!" - Maggie (Google review)

Called to the Barre

At Called to the Barre, you can look forward to a fascinating mix of Pilates, yoga, ballet, and functional training that will leave you feeling refreshed and happy. Barre Basics is for people who have never done barre before, and Barre Flow is for people who want to focus on toning. Barre Burn is great for people who like to burn a lot of calories, and lessons for pregnant women and new mothers are a nice touch.


>> Company Details

Website  https://www.facebook.com/calledtothebarre/
Address 420 Joo Chiat Road #02-01 Singapore, Singapore 427641
Contact  +65 6440 1080
Operating Hours

Monday to Friday

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM / 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

>> What We Appreciate

  • Promotion of post-workout energy and contentment.
  • Specialized classes catering to novices, toning enthusiasts, and intense workouts.
  • Thoughtful provision of pre-natal and post-natal classes.

>> Testimonial

"I've been attending CTTB since their launch back in March, and I want to share that the instructors, particularly Joelle and Lynn, are splendid. They extend a warm welcome to their classes and exude infectious positivity, making one forget the strains of a long workday, and eagerly anticipate the hour of exercise. - Tiara (Facebook review)

Understanding Barre and Its Physiological Benefits

Barre is a popular way to get in shape. It combines parts of dance, Pilates, yoga, and strength training. Usually done with the help of a ballet barre or a stable surface, the routine is a series of small, isometric movements and focused exercises designed to strengthen and improve different muscle groups in the body.

Important parts of a barre workout are:

  1. Isometric moves: When doing barre exercises, you have to hold certain poses and make small, controlled moves within a small range of motion. These isometric contractions focus on specific muscles and make them feel very tired, which improves their strength and stamina.
  2. High Repetition: Barre workouts often have a lot of repetitions for each activity. This practice helps to tire out the muscles and build up stamina.
  3. Pulses and micro-movements: Barre workouts include both standard full-range movements and pulses and micro-movements. These small, focused moves add more tension to the muscles, making them work harder and making it easier to see the lines between them.
  4. Fusion of Techniques: Barre takes parts from many different types of exercise, such as ballet-inspired moves, Pilates core work, yoga-inspired stretches, and strength training moves. This combination is meant to give you a full-body workout that works many different muscle groups.

Some of the perks of barre workouts are:

  1. Better form of Muscles: Barre workouts focus on stimulating and lengthening muscles, which improves muscle form and tone.
  2. Core strength is improved by the many barre routines that work the core muscles. This improves core strength, stability, and posture.
  3. Flexibility is increased because barre workouts combine yoga and dance moves with stretches that help increase flexibility and range of motion quickly.
  4. Better Posture: Barre focuses on precise alignment and posture, which can make a big difference in your general posture and make it less likely that you'll have problems with your posture.
  5. Low-impact: Most barre workouts involve low-impact exercises, which makes them good for people of different fitness levels and ages. People who are healing from accidents can benefit the most from these exercises.
  6. Holistic Workout: Barre routines work both large and small muscle groups, making it possible to work out the whole body.
  7. Mind-Body Connection: The precise and controlled movements of barre require focus and mindfulness. This creates a connection between the mind and body that can feel meditative and relieve stress.
  8. Weight Management: Even though barre isn't as hard as some other forms of exercise, doing it regularly can help you burn calories and control your weight.

It's important to remember that the success of any exercise plan depends on the person's goals, fitness level, and commitment. If you want to try barre, it's best to take classes taught by certified instructors or use reliable online tools to make sure you're doing the exercises right and safely. Before starting a new exercise plan, it's always a good idea to talk to a doctor, especially if there are any health conditions or worries you already have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can beginners participate in barre classes?

Absolutely, barre classes in Singapore are designed to accommodate various fitness levels, including beginners. Instructors are skilled at offering adjustments and direction to assist newcomers in acclimating to the routines.

  • What's the suitable attire for a barre class?

It's recommended to wear comfortable workout clothes that facilitate unrestricted movement. To enhance stability during exercises, consider using grip socks.

  • How long does a typical barre session last in Singapore?

The standard duration for most barre classes in Singapore is approximately 60 minutes. This timeframe allows for a comprehensive workout without overwhelming your schedule.

  • What kind of equipment is involved in a barre class?

Barre sessions commonly incorporate light hand weights, resistance bands, and stability balls. These tools introduce diversity and intensity to the workouts, contributing to an effective fitness regimen.

  • Is barre effective for weight loss?

Although barre can aid in calorie expenditure, its primary emphasis lies in enhancing muscle tone, strength, and flexibility. When coupled with a well-balanced diet, it can be beneficial for managing weight.

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